“Teddy bear blonde,” a name that evokes the soft and cuddly fur of a beloved teddy bear, has taken the hair world by storm. With its warm, golden tones and subtle dimensionality, this shade has become a favourite among beauty enthusiasts, amassing over 77 million views on TikTok.

Rihanna's hair stylist recently shared the star's "teddy bear blonde" hair transformation.


Unlike its cooler counterparts, icy or ash blonde, teddy bear blonde is more of a “bronde,” seamlessly blending warm, almost brunette hues with well-placed blonde highlights. This combination creates a rich and flattering colour that complements a wide range of complexions.

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“Teddy bear blonde is more dimensional and includes a wide range of golden, warm, and honey tones, depending on your natural hair colour,” explains Nathan Armagnacq, a colourist and Salon Partner at Oscar Oscar Chadstone.

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Hayley Warner, stylist and Partner at Oscar Oscar Carindale, adds that teddy bear blonde’s versatility makes it a suitable option for both brunettes seeking a lighter shade and blondes wanting depth and warmth.

“With new hair colour trends emerging constantly, it can be challenging to communicate your desired look to your colourist,” says Nathan. “To ensure you achieve the perfect teddy bear blonde, bring along reference photos, either from the TikTok trend or your Pinterest board.

When speaking with your stylist, emphasise your desire for dimension rather than a solid, one-dimensional colour. The placement of highlights is crucial, as warm tones can sometimes be mistaken for red or orange.

Teddy Bear Blonde

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Hayley suggests strategically placing highlights to frame your face and add subtle sparkles of blonde at the crown for added dimension. To finalise the look, consider adding a gloss that acts like a "sheer layer over the highlights," intensifying the desired warm undertones and enhancing the overall effect.

Maintaining Teddy Bear Blonde

While teddy bear blonde is a low-maintenance colour compared to some other shades, it requires some extra care to retain its vibrancy.

“Due to the specific tones in teddy bear blonde, it can oxidise and turn brassy over time,” warns Nathan. To combat this, he recommends using moisturising masks, such as the WILDE Colour Renew Protein Masque, and minimising sun exposure.

WILDE Protein Masque

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Shampooing less frequently also helps preserve the colour, and installing a shower-head filter further protects the hair from damaging minerals.

For touch-ups and salon appointments, Hayley suggests returning every three months for a root retouch and every four to six weeks for a gloss to maintain the perfect warm, teddy bear hue.

With its blend of warmth, dimension, and versatility, teddy bear blonde is a hair colour trend that's here to stay. Whether you're a brunette craving a brighter shade or a blonde seeking added depth, teddy bear blonde promises to enhance your natural features and leave you feeling confident and stunning.

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