Brunette Revolution: This Hair Trend is Taking Over Hollywood (and Your Hair!)

Brunette Revolution: This Hair Trend is Taking Over Hollywood (and Your Hair!) - Oscar Oscar Salons

As the crisp winter air settles in, the desire for a richer, more captivating look takes hold. One surefire way to achieve this is with a stunning dimensional brunette hair colour, a trend taking the world of celebrity hairstyling by storm.

Forget flat, one-note browns. Dimensional brunettes are about creating a multi-tonal masterpiece on your hair. Think of it as a captivating interplay of shades, expertly woven together to add depth and texture. Just like the leading ladies of Hollywood, you can achieve a look that's as captivating and multifaceted as a winter landscape.

Embrace the Spotlight with Dimensional Brunettes

Here's why A-listers like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid are embracing dimensional brunettes this winter:

  • Richness and Warmth: These shades add a touch of richness and warmth to your hair, perfectly complementing the cooler tones of winter.
  • Flattering for All Skin Tones: Just like a winter sunset, dimensional brunettes flatter a wide range of skin tones.
  • Effortless Versatility: This versatile colour palette opens up a world of styling possibilities. Embrace sleek straight styles to showcase the colour's depth, or add waves and curls to enhance the hair's texture and dimension.

Get Inspired by Celebrity Looks

Looking for more specific inspiration? Here are a few A-list dimensional brunette looks to spark your imagination:

  • Hailey Bieber: serving winter hair goals with her stunning dimensional brunette. The rich chocolate base with subtle highlights adds so much depth and dimension! ✨ (: @haileybieber)

  • Riley Keough's Dark Chocolate Brunette: This deep, rich brown, with subtle highlights just a shade lighter, creates a luxurious and sophisticated look. Think of it as a deep, decadent winter chocolate bar come to life on your hair. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for a base colour with a touch of Redken Cover Fusion, followed by a Redken Shades EQ gloss to add a hint of dimension. Maintaining this rich hue is key, so frequent touch-ups with Olaplex products to strengthen the strands are recommended.

  • JLo's Botticelli Brunette: Inspired by Renaissance paintings, JLo's brunette boasts a touch of golden warmth throughout. This is achieved by strategically placed highlights that mimic the way sunlight would naturally catch on hair. To recreate this look, discuss with your stylist the use of a warm base color with strategically placed, lighter highlights throughout the mid-lengths and ends. For a touch of added shine, consider using a product like Wilde Shine Elixir.

  • Rachel Zegler's Violet-Silver Touches: Feeling adventurous? Take inspiration from Rachel Zegler's brunette with a touch of unexpected violet-silver tones. This cool and edgy look is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. While achieving this look might require bleaching some strands for the lighter violet-silver highlights, a skilled stylist can create a beautiful, dimensional effect without compromising hair health.

  • Bella Hadid: Proves that brunette can be anything but boring! Her dimensional hair colour is full of life and texture, perfect for winter. @bellahadid

Oscar Oscar Stylist Advice: Crafting Your Perfect Dimensional Brunette

At Oscar Oscar, we believe that beautiful hair is a journey, not a destination. That's why our stylists will work closely with you to create a personalised dimensional brunette look that reflects your unique style and hair type. Here are some tips from our experts:

  • Consultation is Key: A thorough consultation is the first step to achieving your dream winter mane. We'll discuss your hair history, desired look, and lifestyle to craft the perfect colour plan.
  • Highlighting Your Assets: Our stylists will consider your skin tone, eye colour, and facial features when selecting the ideal shades for your dimensional brunette masterpiece.
  • The Art of Placement: The strategic placement of highlights and lowlights is crucial for creating a truly dimensional look. Our stylists are experts in colour placement, ensuring a seamless blend of tones for a natural, yet striking effect.

Product Recommendations from WILDE to Maintain Your Brunette Brilliance

Once you've embraced your dimensional brunette locks, it's important to use the right products to maintain their vibrancy and health. Here are some recommendations from our partners at WILDE:

  • Wilde Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner: This luxurious shampoo and conditioner duo is specifically formulated for colour-treated hair, gently cleansing while locking in colour vibrancy.
  • Wilde Moisture Revive Oil: Combat winter dryness and add a touch of shine with the Wilde Everyday Hair Oil. This lightweight oil is perfect for all hair types and helps tame frizz while leaving your hair feeling soft and manageable.
  • Wilde Colour Renew Masque: Deep conditioning is essential for all hair types, especially in the winter months. The Wilde Colour Renew Masque  will deeply hydrate and strengthen your hair, leaving it feeling luxuriously soft and manageable.

Embrace the Winter Chill with Dimensional Brunettes

Winter is the perfect time to embrace a new, rich, and dimensional

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Don't let the winter blues get you down! Embrace the season with a stunning new dimensional brunette hair colour. Book your consultation with an Oscar Oscar stylist today and get ready to turn heads with your rich, wintery locks!

We hope this blog inspires you to explore the world of dimensional brunettes and find your perfect winter hair colour!

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