This look is an all-time fave right now!

Ya’ll heard of Dua Lipa? Well her e-girl hair game is strong; this hairstyle refers to the colouring of two streaks at the front of the head to frame your face. The colour is usually something crazy and vibrant or a bright blonde for contrast. Contrast is the trump card in this game! Being the E-girl, as you might imagine, is simply short for internet girl! These are the gals that love the net. They like Tik Tok, heavy makeup, faux freckles, mesh tops with plaid skirts and colourful hair.

You don’t have to embody all of those characteristics to enjoy this new hair trend. We’ll just stick to the hair dying, thank you very much. Therefore it’s bound to be fun and you can go as extreme or as subtle as you like. Our very own Kristy Wu, Oscar Oscar Ambassador and all-round Melbourne muse visited our luxury Oscar Oscar Chadstone salon to have her hair transformed to ‘e-girl’.

The E-Girl Look

We chatted with James, Style Director and Technician from our Chadstone salon, to get his thoughts and find out how he created Kristy’s new look.

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“Those of you with their finger on the pulse saw this fashion statement start to pop up about 12 months ago. It’s the evolution of two trends merging; face-framing and the 90’s chunky highlights. Everyone can enjoy this look by tweaking their choice of colour, from bold to subtle, natural tones to rainbows and split colours. Personally I love the bold juxtaposition of contrasting colours”

Colour Contrasting With Kristy Wu

“We decided that because Kristy already had some face-framing highlights we would tackle this by doing back to back spliced foils. As a result we lifted the (unhighlighted) hair until it matched the existing highlights. At this point, we married up the colour by pulling lightener through and applied directly to the roots between the foils. With such a bold statement, ensure you style this section of your hair and tie the rest up in a messy bun. To do this, I love spritzing Oribe’s Royal Blowout on the fringe and blowdrying with my GHD round brush (size2). To finish the look, I used a few blasts of the Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe.”


“We love that this look can be customised for the client. The choice of colour(s) are infinite allowing you to create something that really suits the client’s personality.”



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