Flat Hair No More! Guests Swear by This Salon-Secret for Instant Volume & Lift.

Flat Hair No More! Guests Swear by This Salon-Secret for Instant Volume & Lift.

Dreaming of hair with oomph? Say goodbye to limp locks and hello to voluminous, healthy strands with the product that's taking the beauty world by storm: the WILDE Volumising and Thickening Tonic from Oscar Oscar Salons' favorite professional line.

We've been obsessed with WILDE for over a year now, thanks to rave reviews from our stylists and guests alike. Their products are like elixirs for your hair, promoting growth, strengthening strands, and putting an end to dreaded shedding.

But let's talk about the real hero – the WILDE Volumising and Thickening Tonic. This isn't your average supermarket tonic. This lightweight, non-greasy tonic is a stylist's secret weapon for instant and lasting volume. Unlike sticky, build-up-prone products, the tonic gives you flexible, touchable hair that looks and feels salon-managed.

Here's the magic:

  • Instant Root Lift: Say goodbye to flat hair! This tonic gives your roots the lift they crave, leaving you with a voluminous style that lasts all day.
  • Frizz Fighter: Humidity got you down? The tonic acts as a shield against frizz, keeping your hair smooth and manageable even in the worst weather.
  • Long-Term Hair Health: This isn't just a styling product, it's a haircare hero. The tonic contains ingredients like WARATAH Bloom extract, rich in plant amino acids that promote healthy growth, smoothness, and overall improved hair condition.

Using it couldn't be easier! Just spray it onto your damp hair (about 70% dry) and style as usual. Guests are raving about the results:

  • "Lasting lift for my thinning hair – finally a product that delivers!"
  • "My hair feels thick and has wonderful body since I started using this tonic."
  • "This is the first volumiser that doesn't weigh down my hair or make it look dull. It gives me body and staying power without the negatives of other products."

Ready to experience the Wilde difference? Book a consultation with one of our stylists today for a bespoke haircare plan that includes the Volumising and Thickening Tonic and other Oscar Oscar Salon favorites. We'll help you achieve the voluminous, healthy hair you've always dreamed of! 

For your personal hair diagnosis book a complimentary consultation at your Oscar Oscar Salon today: Find a Salon! 

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