Gone are the days of dark dyes as more and more women come to us embracing silver hair.

Expert Colourist and OO Salon Partner, Nathan Armagnacq, chatted with Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo Team, sharing his professional tips on the trend…



Q: How frequently are you finding women coming into your salon and asking to go grey/silver?

How has this changed over the years?   

A: Quite often! We see women requesting this look on a weekly basis. With the rise of Instagram, we’re seeing more and more

drastic colour transformations happening, in general, as people bring in their favourite looks or before and after shots

from social media. However, sometimes this can create an unrealistic expectations, as the result they’re after may not

be achieved in just one session. I try to explain to all of my guests and make sure they are ready to take on the process it requires.


Q: Any advice for Brunette’s wanting to embrace the silver trend? 

A:Don’t be afraid to transform your hair as it can be achieved in many ways, all you need is a Master Colourist

that knows what will best suit you. Depending on your hair type, it may take a few visits to achieve

the desired result, but I always like to leave some of your natural colour towards the top,

giving the illusion of depth which impersonates the balayage effect.



Q: Is this a high maintenance colour? What do clients need to be prepared for in terms of upkeep? 

A: Yes, it can be a colour that requires a high level of maintenance. It involves using a bonding agent,

such as Redken’s pH-Bonder, throughout the lightening portion of the service to keep the hair

in its best possible condition, with regular, monthly glossing to keep the colour fresh. You will also need a

specific shampoo and conditioner, dedicated to care for coloured hair and a demi colour that can be added

to your conditioner or mask for extra toning at home. For women with very fine hair, I’d suggest

creating the look through the use of hair extensions to avoid damage to your natural hair.



Q: From icy white to pepper grey, there’s a large spectrum of colour to choose from –

how should clients go about choosing the most flattering shade of silver/grey for them? 

A:Personally, I like to follow the rule of only going 2 shades either lighter or darker than your

natural colour. Unless you consider yourself to be quite talented with make-up and can pull off any shade… then I’d say, go for it!


Q: What about for the commitment-phobes – are there any low barrier or entry ways to try grey without fully committing?

 A: Unfortunately, no. This is a ride or die type situation, unless you’re already a very light blonde or natural grey.



Q: What about for those going grey naturally, and wanting to start to embrace their silver strands –

how can they incorporate them into their colour service? 

A: We see this every day in our business. When wanting to grow out your colour, I find the best way is

to  lighten the existing colour, either with foils or all-over lightening, then using a toner,

you can seamlessly blend the colours together. This can be a lengthy process that requires

a few visits until you’re able to achieve the desired look. But, once you reach your perfect shade, the

colour will look impeccable. SO, swap the 4 – 6 week maintenance visits, for gloss appointments with

ashy tones whilst using purple shampoo to maintain a vibrant grey look.


Q: Any expert care tips for silver and grey hair? 

A: Regular glossings are crucial. It’s also important to care for your hair at home, using colour safe shampoo

and conditioner from a reputable brand like Kerastase, Shu Uemura or Oribe, along with toning. Always remember

that the better condition of your hair, the better the colour will hold.


Have more questions or ready to make the change?