3 Romantic Hairstyles Perfect for a Date Night

3 Romantic Hairstyles Perfect for a Date Night - Oscar Oscar Salons

Preparing the perfect look for an evening out with a significant other or close friends is always enjoyable. Crafting your ensemble, complementing it with makeup, and choosing the right hairstyle elevates the entire experience. Feeling the love vibes? Check out these three effortlessly chic hairstyles you can rock using WILDE and other products from your closest OO and tips from our expert stylists at Oscar Oscar Salons. Get ready to turn heads and unleash your sexiness! đŸ’‹

Hairstyle Inspirations for Your Romantic Outing

Sexy Big Loose Curls

Ravishing Messy Curls

Preparing your hair is essential to ensure your waves last throughout the night. First, smooth a small amount of WILDE's Moisture Revive Oil through the mid-lengths of your hair using your fingertips.

Shield your hair from the heat using WILDE's UV & Thermal Protectant Spray. Let your hair dry naturally before styling. Oscar Oscar Salons stylists recommend creating gentle curls with a quality curling wand.

Pace your styling by letting your curls set cool. Secure each section with clips as you go. While you're waiting, you can freshen up your makeup or pick out your evening outfit. It's all about looking fabulous, darlings! Once your curls are completely cooled, release them and let them fall into ravishing, natural-looking curls.

Add a final touch of elegance to your tousled curls by warming a few drops of WILDE's Moisture Revive Oil in your hands. Run your fingers gently through the ends for a frizz-free, glossy finish.

Not sure how to handle a curling wand? The Oscar Oscar Salons team is always on hand with top-notch guidance.

Low Sleek Bun

Sleek and Chic Low Bun

Begin by taming any frizz with a small amount of WILDE's Moisture Revive Oil. Warm up the oil combined with a pinch of WILDE Shaping Clay in your hands and apply from root to tip to smooth out your strands and lay the foundation for a flawless bun.

Draw your hair back gently into a sleek low ponytail, ensuring there are no bumps along the way, and secure with an elastic band. Oscar Oscar Salons stylists recommend gently coaxing your ponytail into a tight bun, which you can fix with bobby pins or another hair tie.

For precision grooming of wisps and baby hairs, apply a hint of hairspray we recommend Orbie Super Fine Hair Spray with a fine-tooth comb or brush. This ensures every detail of your hairstyle exudes meticulousness.

Boost the luster of your low bun by warming up a bit of WILDE's Moisture Revive Oil and gliding it over your hair, focusing on the surface and edges for a radiant sheen.

As a final flourish, mist your hair lightly with Orbie Super Fine Hair Spray, lightly scented—and finally healthy spray of your favorite fragrance that will complement a romantic ambiance.

Sultry Beachy Waves

Sultry Beachy Waves

Start with towel-dried hair and work in WILDE's Volumising & Thickening Tonic. Spray the product evenly at the roots to create maximum lift and volume.

Oscar Oscar Salons experts suggest protecting your hair with WILDE's UV & Thermal Protectant Spray before you start styling to safeguard your locks from heat damage.

For drying and styling, use a round brush to blow dry your hair. Take individual sections of hair, wrap them around the brush, then release and twist, emulating a soft curl. Alternatively, employ a large barrel curling iron for defined waves. Allow the curls to cool and then brush them out gently for relaxed, beach-inspired waves.

For extra definition and body, spritz WILDE's Texturising Tonic Spray. Scrunch the hair to accentuate your waves' texture and movement.

End your styling session with a mist of Orbie Super Fine Hair Spray for a sophisticated finish that lasts, wherever the night takes you.

Live Your Best Hair Life

There you have it, three romantic hairstyles perfect for a date night using haircare products available from all Oscar Oscar Salons. Remember to always consult with your stylist at Oscar Oscar Salons for personalised tips and recommendations on how to achieve the best hairstyle for your specific hair type and desired look. And most importantly, have fun with your hair!

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