5 Oribe Products We Can’t Live Without

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It’s often overwhelming trying to figure out the best products to spend your bucks on when it comes to the maintenance of your mane. So here are 5 Oribe Products We Can’t Live Without! Oribe is a favourite of Oscar Oscar Salons and we picked the brains of Style Director, Bec, from Oscar Oscar Indooroopilly to see which ones are a must. Luxury, performance, innovation and custom formulations are what the brand is about. Throw their collaboration with Côte d’Azur to develop their signature fragrance in the mix and you’ve got the irresistible product DNA that is Oribe.

5 Oribe Products We Can’t Live Without

  1. ORIBE SPLIT END SEAL – Enjoy amazing colour AND healthy hair with this luxury serum, made to mend the hair and restore your locks. After just one use, you’ll see a 94% repair on split ends. Plus the UV protection helps to prevent any further damage. It’s a no brainer.


Oribe Split End Seal


2. ORIBE BRIGHT BLONDE SHAMPOO – Brighten your blonde with this revitalising violet shampoo from Oribe. We all want to avoid those brassy tones and maintain a cool creamy colour, well this is your answer. Just to add some fruitiness to the mix, this formula includes watermelon and lychee extract. Delish.


Bright Blonde Shampoo

3. ORIBE DRY TEXTURISING SPRAY – Bed head hair paah – lease! Get your glam on with this boujee texturising spray. Light weight and made for the girl wanting that natural, sexy sea salt look. Another thing we love about this product? It acts as a dry shampoo, absorbing oil at the roots. You’re welcome.


Dry Texturising Spray

4. ORIBE GOLD LUST TRANSFORMATIVE MASQUE –  is the real MVP when your hair is calling SOS. Its bio-restorative complex improves elasticity and protects each fibre so that your locks can get back to being brilliant and strong. Ain’t nobody got time for unhealthy hair.


5. ORIBE FOUNDATION MIST – Prime your face before applying makeup? Well you should be doing the same for your hair. Oribe’s Foundation Mist is a nutrient-rich conditioner that can also be used as a style refreshing spray, heat styling protector and for the stylists out there, a cutting lotion. Multi tasker much?


Foundation Mist


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