Michelle Nguyen crowned australian apprentice of the year

Michelle Nguyen is undeniably the new kid on the block, and now the secret is out.

Michelle’s first collection ‘Soar’ is well beyond her young 20 years, and successfully saw Michelle named Australian Apprentice of the year at the Australian Hair and Fashion Awards that took place at Luna Park, in Sydney on Sunday (April 2nd).

‘Soar’ is delicate, fragile and whimsical, and yet piercingly strong…

Inspired by a flock of birds taking flight, ‘Soar’ is a visual representation of how fragile fibres woven together, amass strength and beauty.

Much in the same way a flock of birds is contrived of many species, as human beings, our lives are also enriched by our diversity, and my strong belief that as we unite despite our variation we grow stronger. I wanted to celebrate this and what I believe are modern Australian values; equality and unity in pursuit of a better, brighter world.

My aim was to accentuate the beauty that lives within us all. While each look is is different and unique, I wanted to really push the boundaries of hair design by using a juxtaposition of textures to create visually engaging variations of form and shape.

‘I am truly honoured to have received this award alongside my peers and mentors, and it has inspired me to continue to push the boundaries and further develop my craft that I love so much.’ says Michelle

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