They say that changing your hair is as good as a vacay, and we definitely agree. We recommend taking the leap from dull to damn fine and booking that ‘makeover’ appointment. The options with colour and style are endless, and you’re only going to know them if you speak to the pros. Colour transformations don’t have to be crazy, you can produce a head-turning hue with subtle balayage and natural tones. If your hair is feeling and looking tired, then it’s time to grab that developer and colour, well not literally you… you’ll need a trusted, ahead of the game stylist from Oscar Oscar Salons. Our artists have got your back in your transition of ‘new year, new you’.

To give you the little push that you need we’ve laid out a few of the recent and amazing before and afters of OO. Don’t be shy, meet your stylist today and get to talking about colour transformations.

Colour transformations at their finest

Colour Transformation - Burleigh

Britney, Oscar Oscar Burleigh Heads

“The goal was to create lived in, low-maintenance colour. We used Redken Flash Lift and Ph Bonder to protect the integrity of the hair during the lightening process. The technique used was balayage in foils, face frame pop and natural tones to create dimension.

To finish, I styled with a GHD Curve Tong for waves, softly dressed out for effortless style. I used Kerastase Extentioniste Thermique before styling to nourish and protect against breakage. For that textured finish, I used Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair.”


Colour Transformation - Carindale

Hayley, Oscar Oscar Carindale

“This transformation was so fun! I did a scattered full-head of highlights using the balance blonde sectioning pattern and flying colour (balayage) in between highlights. I then did a double application zone tone. A zone tone will give you a more natural colour on top, with a pop of colour on the ends.

The first application of the zone tone was a root shadow of 6NW and 10VT lengths and ends. The second application was a root stretch of 8nw for a warm golden blonde, 8n and 11G on the lengths and ends. “


Colour Transformation - St Kilda

Bren, Oscar Oscar St Kilda

“The technique used was the air touch balayage technique, it utilises the heat of a blowdryer to get a really soft result. The colour formula I used was9V + 9nb + Crystal Clear in Redken’s Shades EQ. Apply it all over and leave for 10 minutes. This is then followed with a root shadow of Shades EQ 8n + 6nb. The front hairline is left alone for framing”.


Colour Transformation - Robina

Paige, Oscar Oscar Robina

“This was a full-head of micro balayage, leaving out some of her natural hair to create depth and dimension. I then applied a root shadow and used 9V + 9GI on the mid-lengths to ends to create a bright creamy blonde. It was my guests’ 19th birthday so we wanted to brighten up her natural features and create a fun look that reflected her personality.”


Brooke, Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair

“This technique was a combination of balayage foils and baby light foils using Redken Flash Lift 10vol-20vol. I followed it with a root stretch in between foils with 5NW. At the basin, I applied a gloss colour in 8N + 8NB + 8NW. I finished off blow waving with Kerastase Nectar Thermique to protect the hair and colour. I created a loose wave using the GHD Creative Curl Wand, combed out and set with Aveda Air Control light hold hair spray.”



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