Are you ready to unlock the secret to truly transformational hair? Look no further than our exclusive Fusio-Dose treatment, available for a limited time at all Oscar Oscar Salons. Say goodbye to lackluster locks and hello to vibrant, revitalised hair that radiates health and beauty. And the best part? When you indulge in a Fusio-Dose ritual at any Oscar Oscar Salon, you’ll receive a $50 off voucher for your next purchase of any 3 or more Kérastase products. It’s time to elevate your haircare routine and experience the magic of Fusio-Dose!

1. What is the Fusio-Dose Treatment? Fusio-Dose is a cutting-edge Kérastase treatment that’s available at all Oscar Oscar Salons. Utilising advanced liquid care technology, this treatment has the power to transform your hair in an instant. Comprising a personalised cocktail of active ingredients—consisting of a Concentrate and a Booster—Fusio-Dose offers a quick and efficient solution for all hair types, ensuring your hair’s unique needs are met.

2. The Concentrate and Booster Difference The Concentrate in Fusio-Dose is tailored to address the primary concerns of your hair, as identified through a thorough diagnosis carried out by our skilled hairdressers during your salon visit. On the other hand, the Booster targets secondary hair concerns that you may have, such as shine, nourishment, repair, and more. This dynamic combination ensures a comprehensive and personalised treatment that’s perfectly suited to your hair’s requirements.

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3. Endless Possibilities with Fusio-Dose Experience the luxury of personalised hair care with Fusio-Dose. With a selection of 6 Concentrates and 5 Boosters, you have the opportunity to create up to 30 unique combinations. This allows for precise targeting of two specific hair needs in a single, potent treatment.

4. Tailor-Made Hair Care for All Even if you’re diligent in caring for your hair, external factors like stress, styling, and environmental influences can take their toll, leaving your hair dry, dull, and unmanageable. Fusio-Dose is the solution you’ve been searching for—quickly transforming your hair and restoring its full potential.

5. The Fusio-Dose Experience Your journey to rejuvenated hair begins with a personalised diagnosis by one of our expert hairdressers. Based on your hair’s unique requirements, a customised cocktail of Concentrate and Booster is meticulously blended before your eyes and sprayed onto your hair. In just 5 minutes, witness the magic unfold as your hair undergoes a tailor-made transformation, leaving you with radiant and revitalised locks that last all day, every day!

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6. Beyond a Hair Mask Fusio-Dose goes beyond the conventional hair mask. While it replaces traditional salon treatments like fondant or masks, its unique molecules, up to 100 times smaller than those in standard skincare products, are infused with skincare-grade active ingredients, ensuring unparalleled results.

7. Exclusively Salon-Exclusive Fusio-Dose is a service reserved exclusively for Kérastase salons, and this exciting offer is only available at Oscar Oscar Salons. Its tailor-made formula demands the expertise of a professional hairdresser who can assess your hair’s needs and create the perfect blend of activities just for you.

8. Finding Your Perfect Blend Our dedicated hairdressers will conduct a comprehensive professional diagnosis of your hair to pinpoint your primary concerns. The appropriate Concentrate will be chosen accordingly. Additionally, your stylist will engage with you to identify secondary hair concerns, allowing the selection of the most suitable Booster for your unique needs.

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9. A Fresh Start Every Time Embrace the Fusio-Dose experience with every salon visit! Your hair’s evolving needs will be met with a freshly blended cocktail of actives, personalised to target your current hair concerns. Our skilled hairdressers will continually adapt the formula, ensuring your hair remains on its journey to optimal health and beauty.

10. Unveil the Transformation Experience the undeniable effects of the Fusio-Dose treatment, with visible transformation in less than 5 minutes. The personalised cocktail of active ingredients delivers a dual hair benefit in a single application, leaving your hair looking and feeling better than ever before.

Don’t miss out on this incredible limited-time offer to rejuvenate your hair with Fusio-Dose at Oscar Oscar Salons. Book your appointment now and embark on a journey to hair perfection. Your locks deserve nothing less than the best, and Fusio-Dose is here to deliver unparalleled results. Indulge in the ultimate haircare experience today!

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