Women We Admire – the brains and the beauty

You can have good style and have brains. You can be beautiful and still be making waves for women around the world. Intelligence, power, good looks and glamour are not mutually exclusive. Today we take our hats to the women who combine all of these qualities, to the women who are self-less, courageous and effortlessly chic. Michelle Obama, Grace Tame, Alicia Silverstone and Celeste Barber are powerful in their own right, they each represent something different for the female race.


Grace Tame – prior to winning Australian of the Year for 2021, Grace had spent the previous two years working on the campaign #LetHerSpeak. At the age of 15, Grace was sexually assaulted by her school teacher. The teacher was charged and went to prison, however due to Tasmania’s sexual assault victim ‘gag’ laws, Grace was unable to speak of the experience yet the media and the perpetrator were free to do so. Grace began her fight for legal reform and displayed extreme strength in the face of hardship and won the battle to allow victims to use their names in the media.


Grace Tame


Michelle Obama – most would know her as the wife to Barrack Obama, the first ever African American First Lady to the White House. Michelle is also a lawyer, writer and operator of multiple charities. In 2010 she launched the initiative Let’s Move, an organisation that speaks of the child obesity epidemic, collaborating with health professionals and community leaders to work to provide healthier food in schools and for companies to market more nutritious food to their customers. Following Let’s Move, Michelle co-founded Joining Forces, an organisation designed to support service members, veterans and military families. In 2014 came Reach Higher, influencing young US citizens to strive for better education. The following year Michelle and Barack began Let Girls Learn, an organisation designed to improve the education of women. What a woman!


Michelle Obama


Alicia Silverstone – yes we know you think of the 1995 teen comedy, Clueless and the endearing and carefree (somewhat superficial) main character Cher. This was played by Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone and she is still as beautiful as she was then. In the 25 years since the movie aired, Alicia has gone on a huge journey into plant based diets and being a loud activist for animal rights. In 2011 she wrote and published the book, The Kind Diet. Her website, The Kind Life shares tips and advice on plant based recipes, vegan lifestyle recommendations and her products of choice. She is the voice for those that don’t have one and continues her work in doing that bit better for the planet and the animals inhabit it.


Alicia Silverstone


Celeste Barber – could we be any prouder of this legendary Aussie? She is hilarious, incredibly smart and not afraid to make fun of herself in front of her 7.7 million followers. Yes she is a comedian but this funny gal doesn’t get a kick out of making people feel less of themselves, her intention is to make people laugh and have their life feel a little lighter. “It doesn’t interest me to make people feel better or worse about how they look”. But her biggest triumph was one closer to home. At the end of 2019 Australia (if you didn’t know you were living under a rock) was hit with catastrophic bush fires. Celeste Barber raised a ginormous 5.1 MILLION that was donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Celeste proved to be one of the heroes in that harrowing time.


Celeste Barber



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