Women Thriving in the Industry – Meet Lydia, an Oscar Oscar Style Director and Technician

It’s Women’s History Month! This year, we’re celebrating women’s history month by showcasing women thriving in their field.

At Oscar Oscar salons, we are so proud to be shaped by a team of women who are thriving in the biz and leading us to greater success every day! So, this month, we are looking internally and showcasing only a few of the many leading ladies we have as part of our team!

We interviewed Lydia, a talented Style Director, and Technician at our Oscar Oscar Chadstone!

Lydia had beautiful insight to share about women’s empowerment and working in the hair and beauty industry.


Q: How long have you been doing hair and what inspired you to go into hairdressing?

A: “I always loved playing with hair and talking to people [my family would call me the chatterbox]. As I got older I wanted to do counselling but I didn’t think that I could cope with letting the clients leave feeling the same, so I chose to start hairdressing and realised that I get to talk to people about their life, but also send them out the door looking and feeling amazing to face the new day.”


lydia hairdressing


Q: If you could meet your younger self, what would you say?

A: “Be yourself.

Starting at 16 in hairdressing and qualifying at 19 we are told to pretend to be someone else so people can relate to you more and you will become more appealing to them. Yes, I get that in some way, but for a good year after that, I completely lost who I was and who I wanted to be, my morals that I had before was completely out of the window. So be yourself, be respectful, listen to people and be kind you’ll find your own spot in the world someday.


Q: Favourite hairstyle or trend of all time?

A: “Balayage, I love giving clients looks that easily grow out, perfect hair is for everybody, not just someone that can afford to come in the salon every 8 weeks.”


 Q: What is the one hair product you couldn’t live without?

A: “Royal blowout by Oribe! 

It is magical, you can put it in dry or wet and makes your hair super shiny and soft.”



Q: If we could sneak peek at your ‘bucket list’, what would be at the top?

A: “Travelling Europe”

Q: What is the one bit of advice you would like to give women regarding their hair?

A: “Don’t just do something to your hair because it’s trending what suits one woman isn’t exactly going to suit the other, do what makes you feel beautiful so you can continue to conquer the world.”

Q: What keeps you motivated and/or on the flip side, how do you relax after tending to the hair needs of your guests?

A: “It took me many years to learn that I needed to leave everything at work at the door when I finish. Nathan still continues to help me with ways to not bring it home. Otherwise, on a tough day, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and have a good chat with my bestie.”



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