Women Thriving in the Industry – Meet Kristy, an Oscar Oscar Salon Partner

Kristy thriving

It’s Women’s History Month! This year, we’re celebrating women’s history month by showcasing women thriving in their field.

At Oscar Oscar salons, we are so proud to be shaped by a team of women who are thriving in the biz and leading us to greater success every day! So, this month, we are looking internally and showcasing only a few of the many leading ladies we have as part of our team!

We interviewed Kristy, one of our amazing Salon Partners at Oscar Oscar Garden City!

Kristy shared some inspiring insight to working in the industry and celebrating empowered women.


Q: What do you love most about Hairdressing?

A: “I love looking after my guests and connecting with so many people throughout the day and seeing them walk out feeling confident and empowered. We all know that hairdressers do more than make women feel beautiful, we listen and care and support every guest through their hard times and good times. It brings me so much joy to see the major change something as simple as a haircut and a chat can make a woman’s day.”



Q: Must have hair product for all Women?

A: “One of my highest recommendations is always Serum Therapiste! I love the duel protection and repairing properties and convenience. You will never catch me without it in my purse.”

Q: Favourite hair trend of all time?

A: “Balayage, I think balayage is here to stay and it’s a trend that comes in so many variances. 

It can be so subtle or so strong depending on the hair and the guest. Who doesn’t love a low maintenance lived in colour?”


kristy question 1


Q: Celebrity Hair crush? 

A: “I’m not really one to follow celebrities but I have always loved Carrie Bickmore, her hair always looks incredible. I also love her energy and how much awareness she has raised for brain cancer since forming CB4BC in 2015.”



Q: How did you transition from Stylist to salon partner?

A: “When I started at Oscar Oscar Chermside as a Senior Stylist I moved my way up to an art director & manager. After managing the Chermside location I was given the opportunity to manage at Garden City; the only salon still without a partner. When Oscar asked me about partnering with the store I saw this as my last step to grow and be able to build my own salon. I have never looked back! Don’t get me wrong some days are harder than others but I love what I do and my team are incredible, it really is a family.”




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