Women Thriving in the Industry – Meet Jorja, an Oscar Oscar Junior Emerging Stylist

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It’s International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month! This year, we’re celebrating women’s history month by showcasing women thriving in their field.

At Oscar Oscar salons, we are so proud to be shaped by a team of women who are thriving in the biz and leading us to greater success every day! So, this month, we are looking internally and showcasing only a few of the many leading ladies we have as part of our team!

First up, we got to sit down with Jorja, a 20-year-old Oscar Oscar apprentice practicing at Oscar Oscar Burleigh and killing it! jorja blog 1

Q: What would you say to other young girls about why they should get into hairdressing?

A: “It honestly gives you a reason to dress up and look and feel good at work. And when you do really good hair, it just makes you feel so much more confident with yourself”


Q: Oscar Oscar salons provide a great environment for training and career progression, what is one of the goals you aim to achieve?

A: “I would love to be a blonde specialist, I think everyone does, but I would love to specialise in blondes and extensions, I’m just an extension gal!” “and maybe a salon partner in a few years!”


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Q: What is your favourite hair trend?

A: “I really just love a beachy blonde. I like the glossy, creamy, beachy blonde. And obviously a wave, always a wave!”


Q: Do you follow any inspirational people on Instagram?

A: “I definitely love I always watch ‘The Secret Fox Education’ Bixie Colour is amazing !”


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Q: Who has your favourite celebrity hair?

A: “Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, and Ella Mai 😍”


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