Women in Business – Meet Tracey, Oscar Oscar General Manager

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It’s Women’s History Month! This year, we’re celebrating women’s history month by showcasing the amazing women thriving in their field.

At Oscar Oscar salons, we are so proud to be shaped by a team of women who are thriving in the biz and leading us to greater success every day! So, this month, we are looking internally and showcasing only a few of the many leading ladies we have as part of our team!

Introducing, our very own General Manager: Tracey Hughes

Tracey is a powerhouse businesswoman with an outstanding history of multifaceted endeavors including being inducted into the Hall of Fame for Australian Hair Industry Awards. Tracey is also the recipient of 4 x Educator of the Year, 4 x Excellence in Education, and 10 x Salon of the Year awards. Above all, Tracey is a powerful advocate for female empowerment within the industry. She is the Founder of the non-profit Leading Ladies, a movement to inspire others in believing in themselves and paving their own journeys with courage and support. In short, Tracey Hughes is an Oscar Oscar visionary, incorporating accredited mentorship empowerment into every venture.

Tracey shared with us her insightful views on working in the hairdressing industry, female empowerment, industry progression, and leadership.



What do you hope to bring to Oscar Oscar Salons with your position as General Manager overlooking a team of 200 plus people?

I aim to bring a strategic direction for the company as we expand sites and explode nationally. I hope to bring inspiration to our team and aspiration for them to reach their goals so we can celebrate their successes. My philosophy is to support our industry by providing an exciting workplace and unsurpassable career opportunities at Oscar Oscar. We have a culture of re-invention and our organisation will be driven by our people. Our results will be proudly rewarding for all.

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What is it like being a female within the hairdressing industry? How do you see yourself making change and inspiring others?

The hairdressing industry is over 85% female so it is empowering to be part of a supportive community. Through sharing fears and challenges it helps to inspire other women to overcome adversity and develop more confidence. I strive to be a positive mentor to as many future female business leaders as possible as this will have a greater ripple effect and will guarantee the future sustainability of our industry. Ultimately my goal is to bring about change, one step at a time, by inspiring others to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, and live their own journey courageously.

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Have you ever experienced gender inequality and how did you manage that?

I have experienced gender inequality when I have held a previous leadership role and I managed this by addressing the challenges through open, direct communication focused on solutions without letting emotions take over. The corporate sector of our industry is often more male-dominated and as a generalization, men hold a larger percentage of the top leadership positions. We need more females in key leadership roles that have experience and emotional intelligence to balance out the influence on decision-making.

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As an inspirational leader yourself dedicated to empowering women and the founder of Leading Ladies; a group of women who share their personal and career advice, can you give us some advice reflecting on your life experiences and the pillars to success?

My theory for achieving a rewarding career is having faith in yourself. It’s a combination of investing copious amounts of energy, sheer hard work, and a thirst to always keep learning. It’s important to stay present at the moment, practice gratitude daily, and keep the belief in yourself regardless of how others may influence you. Success looks different to each individual, however to me success is simply happiness and knowing you have a purpose in what you do. Find your ‘why’ because purpose fuels passion.

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As a strong woman is there anyone that you look up to, or have learnt from and admire?

I have had the absolute privilege to work with some truly incredible people across all parts of the globe and every experience has provided a learning opportunity. There have been too many empowering people to name just one! I admire anyone who is selfless and wants to give back to help others grow with no expectations in return. I look up to anyone in leadership that has the heart of a servant and has an influential impact on others. 

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Today is Epilepsy Awareness Day and this is a health concern you have lived with, so how do you deal with overcoming any challenges facing this to keep such positivity?

Living with epilepsy has shaped my character and influenced my mindset in a positive direction. The challenge is not having control over having seizures and the emotional effect it has on me. However, it has been my greatest life lesson as it has taught me deep gratitude and strong resilience. I have learnt to have no fear of change or any situation thrown at me because the only fear that I face is that of having a seizure and not regaining consciousness. So, my mindset will always be positive towards challenges as I take risks and follow my heart in every personal and professional decision because we only have 1 shot at this game called life. With today being Epilepsy Awareness Day I celebrate the courage of anyone else living with Epilepsy.

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