thy heavenly commandments for luxe winter hair

Contrary to popular belief, the winter months don’t have to wreak havoc on your healthy, glowing locks.  Oscar Oscar  Robina give us the low down on the four ‘hair commandments’ you should abide by, to keep your tresses looking lustrous well after the winter chill sets in.

1. Thou Shalt Put Down the Hair Straightener

The mercury has dropped to the single digits, your hair is in a state of disarray and the only way to remedy the frizz situation is with that magical straightening wand, right? Wrong!

Hot tools will make your hair look sleek in the short term, but in the long run you’re just drying your hair out more than it already is from the changing seasons. Try blow drying and straightening your hair and then vetoing the tong in favour of a little dry shampoo in between washes – you’ll end up with a tousled look that is effortlessly chic and still on trend.

Better yet, ask your stylist about our Keratin therapy treatments to keep the frizz at bay and condition your hair at the same time.

2. Thou Shalt Use Heat Protection

If you do find yourself reaching for the straightening iron, make sure you’re using a heat protectant to stop your hair from getting fried and damaged from the heat.

You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen to protect your skin, so you definitely shouldn’t iron your hair without a heat protectant – it acts as a barrier between the straightener and your hair, so it’s still getting styled without feeling the full effect of the heat.

A quality heat styling protectant is new from Shu Uemura, the Blowdry Beautifiers for fine to medium, or thick hair. It’s a lightweight formula that protects and repairs the hair.

3. Thou Shalt Treat Thyself

Treatments are your hair’s knight in shining armour during the cooler seasons.

Using an intensive hydrating treatment each week will bring even the most lacklustre hair new life.

Whether you use an at-home product or visit a salon for a more intensive treatment, your hair will thank you for it.

My recommended product for injecting some moisture into all hair types is the Kerastase Aura Botanica Concentre Essentiel Hair Oil. The added bonus is that hydrated hair doesn’t get as frizzy, so it’s a win-win.

4. Thou Shalt Visit a Hairdresser

With extreme temperature changes in winter, hair is more prone to developing split ends, meaning long locks are bound to look a little less sleek and healthy.

While there are many ways to try and lessen the look of split ends, once the hair is well and truly split the only real way to banish splits for good is to cut them off. This means regular trips to the salon – ideally every six to eight weeks for a small trim. And if you take this advice as gospel, your tresses are guaranteed to look a million times better once summer rolls around!

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