These will be the hottest hair trends of 2022

top hair trends of 2022

Between diffused blondes and defined curls, 2022 is looking to be a chic year with the biggest hair trends on the forecast. 

The Perfect Bob

Goodbye “lob” Hello to a perfect blunt cut with very subtle layers to accentuate your features. If layers are your thing, bob layers are getting shorter and shaggier, so opt for layers that add volume to your hair. Kourtney Kardashian was a standout this year cutting off her long locks to reveal a sexier, sophisticated bob.

blunt bobs

Diffused Blonde

We’re making blonde look expensive this year with comprehensive colour, subtle contrast, flawless blending, and warm honey tones. Forget about chunky highlights, this blonde is a lot more blended out, creating an all-over harmonious colour with a subtle money-piece to highlight the face.  

diffused blonde

Year of the Curly Girl

This year is all about embracing your natural texture from waves to coils, and amplifying it through products that promote curls and definition. You’re about to see a heap of girls who finally embrace their natural texture as well as curly hair care tips this year. Getting that defined curl can also mean adding in subtle highlights scattered throughout the hair to achieve that dimension.  The goal is naturally healthy hair, the result is gorgeous defined curls. 


naturally curly hair


90’s Fluffy Layers

Somebody call Cher Horowitz, we need her haircare routine! 90’s fluffy layers are coming back stronger than ever. Everyone is trying to get that Rachel from “Friends” cut and making it bigger and fluffier. This style is the new “model off duty” look of 2022. It’s all about a fresh blowout, lift and movement around the face, soft and feathery layers.


90's blowout


High-End Shag

Supermodel shags are here to stay! This style is becoming more elevated this year as we perfect the cut. The shags are going to be less mullet focussed and more based on a flattering face frame. With ultra blended layers, some shags of this year will even flow perfectly into a less textured style like Margot Robbie’s. 


the new shag detangler hairbrush

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