The Pixie Mullet

The Pixie Mullet

The Pixie Mullet – it’s the modern-day mullet made for the wild child! Biker girl meets the beautiful brooding muse.

There’s an element of whimsical to it though, think Tinkerbell from J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play Peter Pan. Paired with winged eyeliner and baby hoops, umm delicious. This easy to style hair cut is taking the industry by storm and we’re on board! Introducing the Pixie Mullet.

Miley Cyrus and an inventory of other stars have donned this knew do and it’s so badddddd ass. The rocker girl hairstyle also known as the Pullet is hot on trend right now, short in the front and party in the back. And who doesn’t like a party right?!

“This style of haircut was fashionable 20 years ago when I was starting out as a nerdy apprentice and my mentors would constantly say that fashion and hair were cyclical and I was like that’s not possible!! Boy was I wrong” – Nathan, Oscar Oscar Chadstone.

There is no better time to take the chop then right now, 2020 has been a strange one so it wouldn’t hurt to start the ‘new year new you’ mantra today. Or maybe it’s just an undeniably cool haircut and it’s time for a big change, to be bold and brave.  Book with Oscar Oscar salons if you’d like to shake up your look today.

List of babes below to give you all the inspiration you need.


Miley CyrusBarbie FerreriaUrsula CorberoIrina ShaykScarlett Johansson



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