The Hun is the effortless cool-girl style and is a hybrid of the topknot and traditional half up – half down look. As straight forward and ‘effortless’ as it’s designed to be, some of us still struggle with getting that perfect balance of dishevelled cutie and chic. Advice from the pros at Oscar Oscar is to keep it simple. Don’t overthink it and definitely don’t be hung up on making it too neat. We want that messy bed head look to really shine through on this one. Think Margot Robbie and repeat after me “I woke up like this”. Meet Jayne, Salon Partner from Oscar Oscar Carindale. Jayne is an updo queen so without further ado let’s check out her 6 simple steps to mastering The Hun.

6 Simple Steps to The Hun


STEP 1 – Section out the front of your hair- whatever is your preference. Take a triangle section on both sides of your head- it’s easier to start with a middle part as this style should sit in the middle of your head, your section should end behind your ear.


Section out your hair


STEP 2- Brush your hair up to the top of your head and secure with an elastic band. Pull on the ponytail to secure and make it tight.


Secure a ponytail


STEP 3- Apply some of the Oribe Volumista Mist, this will give texture and bulk out your hair to give more thickness.


Apply Oribe Volumista Mist


STEP 4- Underneath the ponytail section out a cm piece of hair- apply a little more powder and wrap around the base of the ponytail. This will hide your elastic and give a little boost to your pony. Secure with a Bobby pin underneath the ponytail.


Section your ponytail


STEP 5- add a little more mist to the rest of the hair and lightly backcomb to give more fullness.


Create texture in the remaining hair


STEP 6 – To make a bun- split the pony into 2 pieces and lightly tease each section. Wrap one section one way and secure with a Bobby pin leaving the ends out. Wrap your second section around the other way and leave the ends out slightly. Pull the bun out to create texture and ensure its symmetrical in the mirror.
The finale – Lightly spray after the style is done, Aveda Air Control is my choice as it will seal the style without making it tacky.


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