The Helios Dryer by GHD

The Helios Dryer by GHD

The Helios Dryer by GHD is a game changer, cutting down time that you spend in salon or styling your hair at home, BUT with even better results.

Fun fact for you, GHD actually stands for ‘Good Hair Day’, and we all want good hair days. GHD have just launched their pretty and powerful new blow-dryer, The Helios. This little machine is fierce with airflow and has brand new technology that will make any hair drying experience the best one yet. Oscar Oscar Salons have been using GHD for a very long time, because well… they’re the best in the biz!

Our stylists across all 14 salons have tried and tested the new model and the tick of approval is nationwide. Not only is the Helios an absolute weapon in the salon, it looks luxurious and right at home in our premium spaces with silver and gold trimmings. It comes in 6 colours; white, black, plum, neo mint, powder pink, and ink blue. Make drying your hair a faster and enjoyable experience with the brand new Helios Dryer from GHD. A few notes below that are sure to get you putting those pennies away for this purchase.

Good Hair Day

The Helios Dryer

The most powerful dryer on the market!


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