The Fountain of Youth – Get Healthier Looking Hair Instantly

healthy young hair

We know what you want – healthy, youthful locks! Even better, we know exactly how you can achieve that!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you the same tips you’ve heard before (eat brazil nuts, drink gallons of water, greens for every meal!). Although taking care of your general health does in fact super benefit your hair, we know that you want visible, dramatic results NOW!

So, here are some foolproof, Oscar Oscar-approved secrets to get your hair looking instantly sexier. 

This is one of our beautiful clients and her hair transformation. She already looked stunning before, but this hair transformation really added an extra youthful glow to her!

*Courtesy of Jayne from Oscar Oscar Carindale



So you’re wondering HOW does that hair look so much healthier? What exactly goes into healthier, younger-looking hair?



Over time, your hair gets damaged, even if you rarely use heat on your hair or colour it, daily life still takes a toll on your mane. Day-to-day life maintenance, as well as ageing, can cause significant wear and tear on your hair! It’s totally normal and inevitable. Gradually, hair begins to lose its strength, lacks shine and volume, accumulates split ends, and changes colour. So, to put some life back into your mane, you have to focus on those elements!

The first step to sexier hair is to visit the hair salon!

This might be obvious, but a salon visit can literally make a world of difference. That’s where we come in. At Oscar Oscar Salons, we will assess your hair conditions and hair goals to determine what the perfect treatment option will be for you. A good cut and colour can go a very long way in restoring life into your locks. Our award-winning stylists will get rid of your dead ends and create a tailored style shape that compliments you! Balayage and layered cuts aren’t for everyone, your stylist will always be able to help you determine what colour and cut suit you most based on your complexion, style, and hair type. While you’re getting a revamp, ask your stylist on hair care tips to keep up your fresh new do. 



The second secret to healthier, younger-looking hair: extensions!

That’s right! Seamless hair extensions are a trade secret to obtaining great hair. They’re not just for length, they also work wonders for adding volume and thickness to the hair. You might not even guess but many people with shorter hair have extensions for this reason, and then it takes the heavy lifting off your natural hair when using heat tools and getting colour!


The final secret to healthy hair: Nourishment!

At any age, hair is begging for 2 things: protein and moisture! That’s why Oscar Oscar Salons Director, created these to-die-for hair treatments exclusively for Oscar Oscar hair salons. WILDE by Oscar treatments combines state of the art hair care science with the rejuvenating elements found in nature. In other words, finding the perfect formula combinations of local, Australian grown ingredients to give your hair the perfect blend of delicious nourishment. These treatments use hemp seed oil, rich in Omega’s and fatty acids, in tandem with enriching hero ingredients to give your hair what it needs. Wattle seed caters to protein-deficient hair while Kakadu plum caters to hair that lacks hydration. 

Use this treatment once per week and literally feel the difference in the softness & strength of your hair.



Three easy and realistic steps to getting your hair looking (and feeling) healthy, luxurious, and youthful! If you want any more tips and tricks from the experts, head into your nearest salon and chat with the stylists about your hair.