The Best of the Boys from the 2021 SAG Awards

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The boys are back baby! The SAG Awards just happened and we’re loving what the men brought to this year’s red carpet. Spoiler alert: it’s a whole lot of style and sophistication.

We rounded up our favourite looks from the men at the 2021 SAG Awards. So, get ready for some serious style inspo!



dan levy

Dan Levy is a style icon.

He’s turning heads at every red carpet event with his bold but suave style. There’s no denying that he’s at the top of the list when it comes to best mens fashion. We love his chic style but his groomed eyebrows and touseled hair are the cherry on top.








colman suit

Colman Domingo is ahead of the curve.

We’re obessed with this fit, especially following Easter. Pastels are SO in! We know that the peach trend is only going to get bigger and bigger in both fashion and hir colour. It’s so fresh and so sweet and it looks bomb on Colman Domingo. Not to mention, there’s nothing that elvates a mens hairstyle like a shaved partline: so cool! 









daved diggs


Daveed Diggs has it going on.

Let your hair down! Daveed Diggs is bringing us a full beard and a full head of luscious hair, such a cool contrast to a Versace suit. Instead of keeping his hair shaved short, this free-range do really adds personality and finesse to his overall look.






jonathon bailey




Jonathon Bailey is giving us dishevelled chic.

Everything is working here! It’s not just a look, it’s a whole vibe. This is your ultimate romance novel fit. From the pinstripes to the unbuttoned white shirt, Jonathon Bailey knows how to rock dishevelled chic.

Copy this vibe by growing your hair out and scrunching in styling wax to give your hair some effortless shape.







model in suit




Aldis Hodge is a shining star.

Aldis Hodge is living proof that a confident smile is the best accessory. With this stunning gold suit, simple hair, and simple shoes, Aldis really could not do any wrong. Lets face it, he looks like a knight in shining gold armour.








man in suit




Régé-Jean Page is the Duke of Hollywood

You’ve seen Bridgerton right? Need we say more? Régé-Jean Page established his trend-setting rep from the moment he appeared on screen in his elegent 1800’s getup, and he’s certainly not letting us down with this look either. Cool and sophisticated with a styled haircut and velvet suit.








boy in suit



Sam McCarthy is throwback grunge.

The 90’s are back and ready for action! This look, from head to toe, screams 90’s boy band heartthrob. Baggy clothing, muted colours, fun accessories, and long, blonde, curtain bangs! Hairstyles from the 80’s and 90’s are making a massive comeback this year so keep an eye out for the modern mullet, perms, and heartthrob hair.


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