Spring Racing Styles ’18

The Spring Racing season is upon us and with so much to plan, you can’t forget your most important asset… your hair!

Working out how to wear your hair, or which accessory to use can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered with our top looks for spring racing carnivàle.


“This season, expect to see millinery inspired, bold headpieces that call for more simple hairstyles which are romantic and soft. Gone are the days of formal upstyles and slicked back chignons that were tucked away under giant fascinators… Think centre-parts, polished waves or low, chic ponytails. It’s all about showing off beautiful, healthy looking hair with a dramatic headpiece like an embellished headband. Braids and plaits are still very much on-trend but the less structured and more textured they are the better…” 

– Mary Luangkhoth, Salon Partner at Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair



This style is super versatile and sure to be a favourite this year. Combine loose, textured curls with a free falling ponytail, or add a loose braid for a bit of extra detail.




It’s all about glossy, polished locks. Opt for loose waves with a centre part… the perfect accompaniment for an embellished headband.



This elegant style is perfect for Spring Racing! Choose between a smooth and curly pony or one that is textured and loose, securing it above the nape of your neck. Loosen a few pieces around your face to add softness, or add a hair scarf for a pop of colour.



For a romantic twist on the traditional chignon, opt for a loosely secured, knotted bun. This elegant look will compliment any outfit and let your headpiece do the talking…


Not sure if you can nail your these looks yourself?

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