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Secrets of a stylist

We are lucky enough to work with the absolute best in the biz, Jealous? Well, we like to share so have picked the brains of Brisbane City Salon Partner and Artistic Director, Danny Luu. He’s the guru in glam and has been invited to work alongside Australian labels like Bec & Bridge and Dion Lee. Yep we know, amazing right. We’ve collected his top tips and secrets to keeping your locks luscious, in and out of the salon. So here are Danny Luu’s Secrets of a stylist.

Read, absorb and thank us later girls.

Secrets of a Stylist

Secrets of a Stylist: Favourite Hair Hack To Date


The Best Way To Healthy Hair


Secrets of a Stylist: How To Maintain Your Colour


Best Haircut For A Square Face


Secrets of a Stylist: Best Haircut For A Round Face


The Best Haircut for an Oval Face


Secrets of a Stylist: Best styles for diamond shaped face


3 Step Care for Hair



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