Valentines Day Look



Valentine’s Day is upon us and those last-minute dinner bookings are being made while you’re probably hitting the boutiques for that perfect ‘I didn’t put any effort in but still look this amazing’ outfit. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the best head of hair to make him melt… follow on to see how romance was born!

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Luke Davis, Artistic Director at Oscar Oscar Pacific Fair created some inspiration just for this special day. The romantic messy ponytail is oh so cute and chic all in one go. We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy so wanted to share this styling session with you! Happy V Day lovers.

“Valentine’s Day with a bit more spunk, perfect for those with a bit more adventure and action planned. To prep I loosely section the crown of the hair, dust the roots with a volume powder which will also give texture. Then lightly tease the roots and mids of the crown with a dressing brush.”

Romance was Born

Valentines Day - Michelle


“Every girl knows how to pull a pony. I’m not going to tell you how but I can give you a few pro tips. One thing I love, is leaving out a bit of a face frame. This will contend the look. Those little bumps that seem to never go away? Use a bristle brush instead of your hands. This will get it right from the roots. Mist the hairline with a salt spray as the grit will help you get tension without the hair looking like it’s overloaded with product.”


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“Good ponies are all about tension. Even if you want it to be loose, get it tight to begin with and then loosen it up. This will make the pony stand up. Also position the pony where you can see it from the front. Use bungee elastics, they are so much easier to use and the best part…taking them out is a dream”.


Valentines Day Look


Aveda Aircontrol Hairspray - be frizz free


“To finish, dust the crown with powder of the ponytail and dress it up with a brush and your fingers. The more height, the more dramatic. Don’t try to be too perfect, texture is beautiful. To hide the elastic, wind it up tight and use the Aveda Air Control hairspray as a glue. Be liberal with it and use a hairdryer to lock it into place. Hairspray can replace pins, that way you don’t have to mess up a perfect pony, plus the hairspray and dryer will give it a clean cuff like feel.”


Aveda Air Control


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