Our talented Colourist & OO Chadstone Salon Partner, Nathan Armagnacq was announced as a finalist in this year’s Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Check out his placing collection titled “PRIMARY” and the inspiration behind his work…

“PRIMARY” by Nathan Armagnacq

PRIMARY Collection by Nathan Armagnacq

I will often peek over the shoulder of my guests as they read the latest fashion magazines. They keep watch on high fashion brands and their seasonal campaigns. Over time I’ve come to observe that many luxury brands use a relatively simple formula. They have a tendency to use primary colour pallets with basic patterns and introduce pops of colour that follow seasonal trends.


This inspired me to create the “Primary” Collection. Applying the formula to a hair-centric editorial campaign. It is no surprise then, that my colour pallet for the shoot comprised of primary colours, which I wanted to set amongst natural hair. These were to be combined with pops of trending colour and styled immaculately with a polished, high-end feel.



“Current colour trends are soft with a ‘lived-in’ feel. And I wanted to include this in my collection, along with stronger primary colours. I think we will see the return of brighter pops of colour and shorter, texturized cuts with a sharper feel.” 

I wanted the collection to portray a mature feel and “Vogue”-like mood. Thus I opted for classic make up and strong, dark clothing to create a slightly commercial, yet contemporary edge.


PRIMARY Collection by Nathan Armagnacq

“Through my collection, I wanted to demonstrate that editorial campaigns have a place within the scope of hair colour. For both the hairdresser and the consumer. And that these can be viewed across any magazine or even your Instagram feed.” 


The blending of opposing colours in “Primary” demonstrates technical prowess. It reflects those that I have tried and tested, and are versatile enough to adapt to the everyday consumer.

Through my collection, I believe I have demonstrated my passion for the art of colour. Delivering a contemporary fusion of colour across six beautiful pieces.



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