Pretty in Pastels – The sweetest in hair trends!

peach hair style

Easter is right around the corner and of course, at Oscar Oscar, we’re only dreaming about one thing: Pastel Hair!

The pastel hair trend has been a consistent hero since renaissance times when women would use pastel pink and blue powder in their wigs! Today, pastel hues in hair remain a sought after trend for those who want to freshen up their look with a subtle statement and honestly – they make your hair look just as cool going to the shops as it does at a festival.

So, if you’re looking for some dreamy coloured hair inspo, we’re rounding up our fave pastel hair looks from the past year at our Oscar Oscar Salons!


Rose all day  – A classic pastel prizewinner! Pink is a leading shade in pastel hair colours because of its romantic touch and (surprising) versatility. Flattering to almost any skin tone and complimentary to a wide range of fashion styles, cotton candy hair is not going out of style any time soon. This year, the pink hair trend has taken a warmer approach with hues of champagne and light orange to create a sparkling rosé champagne effect.



Peachy Keen – The newest addition to the pastel hair rainbow – peach! This shade is a mixture of pinks, golds, and strawberry tones and literally makes your locks look like sorbet. Peach coloured hair came to life during last year’s quarantine and it’s here to stay. It is so flattering to the skin as the warm tones make you look extra glowy, but possibly the best part about peach hair is that there are so many variations of it! It can be tailored and mixed to suit your personal style and skin tone.



Lavender  Love – Lavender is a cooler take on the pastel hair trend, and dare I say – on the edgier side too. Lavender looks amazing on lighter hair colours but there is no denying that it works magic on darker hair colours. This colour is feminine and delicate but can really make you look like a badass babe, especially when combined with silver or black tones.



Peeks of Pastel – For a more subtle, but just as hot take on pastel hair, you can opt for elements of colour as opposed to a whole head. These days, there are so many different ways to incorperate dreamy fairytale colours into your look like with a bold face framing money piece or peek-a-boo chunks. These looks are super on trend right now, and require a lot less maintenance to keep up!



Sweet like candy – If you want to take ice cream dream hair to the next level, go bold! Our stylists love nothing more than creating fierce looks with unconventional colours. Show off your uniqueness with sunset rainbow tones or a single colour statement. These looks have ‘main character energy’ all over!


Btw: All the looks above were created in Oscar Oscar Salons throughout Victoria and Queensland. If you’re keen to liven up your hair with some soft colours, get in touch with your nearest Oscar Oscar Salon for a complimentary consultation!



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