Our Top 5 Hairstyles from the 2021 Golden Globes

Andra Day Golden Globes banner

This year’s Golden Globes are ringing in the month of International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we have rounded up our top 5 favourite hairstyles from the fierce women featured at the event.

The Golden Globes is an event that never goes unnoticed in the world of fashion and beauty, and we are totally on board! This year, the Golden Globes was held part-virtually due to the pandemic, but regardless, these ladies still brought their A-game to the “red carpet”. We saw everything from classic vintage hairstyles styles to bold new looks from these Hollywood gals, let’s shine the spotlight on them!

Cynthia Erivo Golden Globes

Cynthia Erivo’s look was talk of the town from this year’s red carpet. She did not hold back when it came to making statements and we are just as obsessed as the rest of the internet! This British beauty shortened her signature buzzcut and dyed it grey. To complete the modern look, she also bleached and tinted her brows to match. This style and colour is a statement itself but paired with a bright outfit, it creates an amazing contrast. Oscar Oscar salons is home to a team of talented and experienced hairstylists! If you are looking for a fresh new cut or luxury hairstyling, book in with a salon near you.

Anya Taylor-Joy Golden Globes

The “Queen’s Gambet” star was NOT playing games with her Golden Globes look. For her award-winning debut,  Miss Taylor-Joy went with a classic Hollywood hairstyle: long, blonde, and glamourous. Her hairstyle is the perfect example of how a smoothing treatment, blowout, and soft waves can transform you into a big-screen beauty queen.

Angela Bassett Golden Globes

Angela Bassett stepped out in an extra-long low braid. From a distance, it is a braid reminiscent of Rapunzel, but up close, there is an intricate design involved with a smaller braid woven through. This is a step that could easily be replicated at home to give a braid more of a bohemian interest.

A look like this can be achieved with high-quality hair extensions and smoothing treatments to create a clean finish.

Andra Day Golden Globes

Miss Andra Day was giving us runway DIVA in her sparkly couture gown matched with a coiled updo. This hairstyle is glamorous and classic but celebrated the nature of natural curls. Throughout the ceremony, she celebrated with her close friends and family, posing for photos, dancing, cheering, and laughing. This style is the perfect combination of glam and a free-range mane that allows you to [metaphorically] let your hair down while still looking photo-ready.

AManda Seyfried Golden Globes

Amanda Seyfried ties it all together with a classic old Hollywood look that was just begging for a camera flash. Smooth, shiny, and glossy, her long locks definitely got treated to an extra hydrating/taming treatment, curled with a large barrel, and then carefully brushed out.

After watching this week’s Golden Globes, we’re definitely thinking about a weekend treat-your-hair day. Head into any of our Oscar Oscar salons to find hydrating hair masks, oils, and treatments to rejuvenate your do! Our retail products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and extra good to your hair, so come in and chat with an expert stylist to track down the right products for you!

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