Love is in the hair!

Rom Com Hair
Our favourite rom-com styles from the last decade

We’re nearing Valentine’s Day, and for us that means that love is in the hair! Seriously though, who doesn’t use their locks as a love language? Whether we’re spending extra time obtaining touchable hair with a treatment, or perfectly styling it for a night out, we all want to experience that Sandra Bullock, slow-motion, hair flip in the wind moment.

So, in honour of those cinematic beauty shots and Valentine’s Day approaching, we have rounded up our recent #hairgoals moments from the rom-coms that we know and love in the past decade. 



2018 blessed us with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and all the lavish looks that came with it, but the real awe factor of this film was in the hair! Every character gave us perfectly tailored, shiny do’s, and not a single hair out of place. The secret to crazy rich looking hair? Hydration and regular cuts for healthy ends! 

Crazy Rich Asians



Set in the 50’s but setting trends in 2016, ‘La La Land’ proved that long bobs are timeless. Emma Stone proved the versatility of the cut by wearing it in relaxed loose waves as well as polished low buns. 

La La Land



Let’s take a second to appreciate the understated simplicity of Mila Kunis’s ponytail in ‘Friends with Benefits’. This is much more than the average “running errands after yoga” pony. Her character really gave new life to a classic style by adding volume at the crown of the head and soft curls to add bounce to the pony. 

Friends With Benefits



Although this is a sequel, there’s no way to discuss rom-com hairstyles without mentioning ‘Sex and the City 2’. This movie brought us a more refined and sleek version of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic curls. This time around, Carrie took full advantage of smoothing hair treatments and highlights to emphasise the texture. 

Sex and the City 2


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