In Full Bloom

Long hair is making a comeback, I know right? For those of us who went with the lob, it may take a little while for some of us to get there… or will it?

Enter Showpony, our newest secret weapon. Oscar Oscar Salons are excited to release a new styling service that truly rounds out our luxurious hair styling menu. Partnering with Showpony Professional, Australia’s premier hair extensions company, we are pleased to offer our guests an unparalleled quality and prescriptive service like no other.

Hair extensions have come of age, and the applications are endless and oh so ah-mazing. Let us walk you through a couple of our favourites right now…

The Faux fringe

Seventies bangs, straight blunt full cuts, or the boho trestle, whatever your preference the fringe is back, without the risk of the chop and the dreaded grow out.

The faux fringe was the order of the day for Michael Kors & Isabel Marant recently on the runway.

The Polished Pony

The polished pony is an easy transition from the red carpet to your everyday arsenal but don’t be fooled, that volume may have a little help from some friends

Has she or hasn’t she?

Sneaky Highlights

Highlights, babylights, and balayage can all be achieved with Showpony. If you’re looking to add texture and a natural sun kissed look to you colour and just can’t afford the time spent in the chair, you can now achieve the look in half the time with the added bonus of volume as well…win!

Showpony, in the hands of our stylists has provided our guests with the ability to achieve looks they never thought possible with their natural hair. It’s a real game changer.

Showpony is now available at Oscar Oscar Salons.

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