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Hedonistic hair. This month at Oscar Oscar, that’s what we’re all about. Real hair that is super healthy, touchable, and sexy.

We’re taking things back to basics now and aiming for that obtainable luxury hair that the Oscar Oscar brand is known for. Let’s start off with our ultimate hedonistic celebrity hair inspiration. Then we will give you our hair-stylist approved tips for obtaining hedonistic hair yourself!

Our fave celebrities with hedonistic hair



jennifer lopez



1. Jennifer Lopez

There is no way we can talk about amazing celebrity hair without mentioning J-Lo. Jennifer Lopez is the epidemy of hedonistic hair. Her locks can go from being flicked around on stage to a perfectly tailored up-do and look flawless across the board. Her signature look includes a very strong and incredibly volumized mane.

Her secret? Hair health 100%. To obtain hair on this level, you have to put in the work! However, between regular salon appointments, protein-enriched hair care, and enough hair hydration, your locks will totally thank you for it!



sofia richie


2. Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie really has that California girl-next-door hair figured out. She’s fully embracing a low-maintenance blonde and natural hair length. If you’re seeking the ultimate lived-in balayage inspo, you’ve found it! Still, how does she manage to keep that “stepped out of the ocean” vibe without completely drying out her ends? A super hydrating haircare routine and minimal washing! Spot her wearing a sleek boss-girl low bun on no-wash days.



zendaya hair



3. Zendaya

We’re here for Zendaya’s hair. If you’re a fan, you know how she can rock any hairstyle, cut, and length. But what we love the most is when she embraces the natural, voluminous curls. There’s nothing more whimsical than touseled texture in hair. For the girls with curls, keep your locks hydrated as they tend to lack moisture. This means using a nourishing hair treatment once per week (keep reading to see our recommendation) plus, using a moisturizing hair treatment routinely also helps create more definition in curls and adds tons of shine! 



anya taylor joy



4. Anya Taylor Joy

Anya has the longest, blondest hair on the big screen. The way she styles it in big curls is reminiscent of old Hollywood. It’s to die for! Her signature style is all about maintaining that glossy finish to smooth, soft curls. To obtain hair like this, smoothing & conditioning treatments are your new religion. Give your hair an ultra-nourishing treatment at least once a week on top of conditioning when you wash. Also keep up with regular salon appointments to make sure you always get rid of dead ends.



What’s the real secret to hedonistic hair?

Here is the formula for how to achieve your sexiest hair: hydration, volume, shine, strength, and healthy ends.

Hair pictured below by Cathy from Oscar Oscar St Kilda.



how to get sexy hair



Aside from regular salon appointments, the key is an at-home haircare routine. Just like skincare, your hair needs just as much TLC! If you come into an Oscar Oscar Salon, our experienced stylists can assess your hair and prescribe a hair care routine tailored to your hair and hair goals! But if you’re looking for amazing hair care right now, here are our very own stylist-approved haircare recommendations for hedonistic hair!



hair masque product image



WILDE by Oscar Protein & Moisture Masques

If you haven’t tried these masques yet, you need to get your hands on them ASAP. The protein masque is packed with hemp seed oil which benefits overall hair strength to build up collagen and elastin, benefits scalp health, and shields hair from dryness and frizz by adding tons of moisture. The protein masque also has repairing wattle seed to give your breakage-prone locks that extra strength and promote youthful hair. If you have fine thin hair, this is perfect for you!

The moisture masque delivers that ultimate hydration to your hair without making it feel weighed down by the product. The moisture masque is also packed with hemp seed oil as well as Kakadu plum which has exceptional antioxidant composition. This masque will give your hair smooth, easy-to brush, and glossy hair. This is especially great for colour treated hair, curly hair, lacklustre locks!



hair oil product image




WILDE by Oscar Moisture Revive Oil

This brand new addition to the WILDE by Oscar family. This oil is infused with lemon myrtle and hemp seed oil to repair, nourish, and hydrate your hair. This is perfect for all hair types but is especially good for damaged or flyaway hair.

If Anya Taylor Joy or Zendaya are your hair icons, this is what you need to achieve that smooth, defined, healthy-looking hair.

All WILDE by Oscar products are available exclusively in all Oscar Oscar Salon locations. Head into salon to try them with one of our treatment services, or take them home for weekly use to give your hair ultimate TLC.

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