Halloween Hair

It’s almost Halloween and of course all we can think about is THE HAIR. Recently we had the glamour girl, Rosanna Arkle, into our Robina salon to do a styling session that was all things Halloween. Rosanna rocked the Medusa look and we’ve got a video to prove it. Our take on this look was somewhat more glamourous and feminine, but super cool nether the less.


Unsure of what you’ll go as this year? Needing some inspo? Below we have listed the top trending costumes and characters for 2020’s freaky festivities. You’re welcome.


Harley Quin

Harley Quin – achieve this look with our Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Vivid Colours range! You’ll look every bit ‘daddy’s little monster’.


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande- We highly doubt that Ariana’s hair length is el naturel, to recreate this look simply turn to our Amazing Hair Extensions range. Voila!


Euphoria Curls

Euphoria – to mimic these wild and whimsical curls just use a GHD Curling Tong, and a touch of hair spray.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – ah the iconic blonde bombshell. This old school glamour look can be styled using the GHD Soft Curl Tong. Just add a white dress with a plunging neckline and you’ve got yourself a vibe.


Princess Leia

Princess Leia – Star Wars fans this one is for you! Any of the GHD curling tongs will help with this masterpiece, plus ALOT of hairspray and bobby pins.


90's vibe

90’s Vibe – the 90’s look is back in full force, it’s new ‘cool girl’ look and we are loving it. Mandy Moore is looking super cute in this pinned back updo with face-framing pieces. What to use? GHD Curling Tong, hairspray and pins…again.




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