Hair to Die For

Halloween, witches. Here are some cool Halloween hair looks to give you some serious spooky season hair inspo.

Hair doesn’t have to be scary to give you chills! Sometimes all it takes is a killer cut or a wicked styling to completely transform your look.

Enchanting Pixie Cut

This whispy layered pixie cut by Tracey Hughes is what short hair dreams are made of. Adding a blend of shorter and longer layers gives the cut more dimension and shape. If you’re wanting to do something shocking this Halloween… chop it off! There is no better time for some hair experimentation than now. Let’s be real, this is one experiment gone so right.

pixie cut before and after


Retro Styling

Want to try a new style this season? Chocolate and auburn tones blended to create a warm blend of healthy and rich hair with an edgy take on highlights. Add a little bit of spice to the look by creating a big retro inspired look. Our very own; Danny Luu from Oscar Oscar Brisbane City modeled this hair off of the one and only Diana Ross. Big brushed out waves with tons of texturising spray and the highest pony to make it even bigger and better.

retro hair before and after

Wicked High Contrast

Do you want to go to the dark side or the light side… why not both? Channel both alter egos with a high contrast look. This stunning blended balayage incorporates a devilishly dark brunette with an icy blonde and of course, those gorgeous glowy face framers. Our amazing Education Manager, Adam McIntosh created this look from a grown out brunette balayage. Adding extra dimension and the ultimate pop. 


balayage before and after

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Add a little bit of spice to spooky season by going all out colour! This look is a medly of spicy warm tones giving the overall result tons of dimension. If you’re more into softer hair looks, this hair is a pumpkin spice fairytale fantasy. Adam also created this look using a combination of different colour techniques such as gradual balayage and hand-painted highlights. This is a gorgeous colour to transition into a summer peach post-Halloweekend. 


peach before and after hair



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