by Jess Longhurst

Oscar Oscar Robina Salon Partner, Jess Longhurst, was recently named a finalist in the 2017 Australian Hair Fashion Awards, in the category QLD Hairdresser of the Year, for her collection ‘Furiosa’.

Cementing her position as one of Australia’s most up and coming hairdressers, Jess is thrilled to have received the news as a first time entrant to the awards.

“To have my collection, ‘Furiosa’ recognised as a contender in an awards showcase as significant as the AHFA’s is an incredible feeling” said Jess.

Jess heads a team of highly skilled and creative stylists across two Gold Coast locations, and is a member of the Redken Young Tribe Artist program, having also worked across numerous events such as Australian Fashion Week, and collaborations with brands such as Sephora.

The strong, powerful shapes, and raw textures, that construct ‘Furiosa’, were inspired by the latest instalment to the iconic Australian movies, Mad Max. In particular, the dominant female character Furiosa.

Jess has used this powerful story to bring her fierce, androgynous collection to life. The styling was inspired by the incredible work seen in the film, the apocalyptic glow, supernatural skin, and warrior like painted eyes subtly accentuates the femininity, and yet expresses a warrior like strength.

“Furiosa, is the protagonist in the movie, as a well-regarded warrior and the only female in the Immortan army, she is ordered to protect the five wives from Rictus Erectus and his hot temperament. Ultimately a strong desire to protect them grows within her, and following further abuse at the hands of the warlords, she enables them to flee from their imprisoned state. Following their escape, the women begin to then take on their own identities and individuality once free from constraints. It is this awakening that I feel is relatable, and wanted to capture in my work.”

“I really wanted to explore the contradiction, or the emotional layers of these characters, they are incredibly strong, fierce, and warrior like, and yet cannot ignore their heart, and therefore also compassionate. I have tried to convey an almost broken innocence with each individual shot, while at first glance their outside appearance may seem fierce and strong. It’s this captivation that keeps the viewer searching for more” said Jess.

Jess worked tightly braided, and plaited hair and then manoeuvred and shaped into interconnected loops around the head to contrast space and emptiness, leaving undone wire textured veils of hair to create movement. Also working with severe texture contrast, and dramatic shaving sections to accentuate colour, shape & divergence.

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