Our Master Stylist & OO Chadstone Salon Partner, Jacky Chan, placed again this year as Finalist in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Check out his collection titled “ENVY” and the inspiration behind his work…


After spending two years studying fashion, I draw much of my inspiration from the industry. Just as many hairdressers do. Throughout my career I’ve been particularly inspired by the work of Karl Lagerfield. Karl, as a true visionary, continues to take risks and push boundaries. He’s also very talented in telling a story with each of his collections. Styling each model impeccably from top to bottom. I believe that hair, as well as fashion, plays a vital role in painting a complete story. Thus I was inspired to tell my own with the “Envy” Collection.

Envy Collection

“Every season new campaigns tell an array of different stories with hair playing a major part in each narrative.”

My collection was derived from editorial fashion campaigns and clippings from my favourite magazines. As a fashion-inspired collection, I wanted to create strong looks that emulated ‘uptown glamour’. Using beautifully refined makeup and bold, dark outfits that speak for themselves. To complement this look, the hair was designed to be soft in texture, loose and brushed out. Showcasing pliable movement but incredible staying power. The colour palette chosen was used to add another layer of intensity and whimsical quality to the overall collection.


“The most fun was in developing the individual looks and deciding what role each model was to play in my story.”

I wanted each models look to tell a story of their own. For example, the ‘IT’ girl in New York heading to brunch, the society matron on her way to retrieve diamonds from the bank and the yummy mummy about to receive her new ‘push present’ handbag.

Looking at my collection, I believe I accomplished what I set out to achieve. Each individual look has its own character and narrative, yet they all complement one another in a beautiful marriage of hair, fashion and photography to produce six contemporary pieces.