We often want what we don’t have but it’s officially time to appreciate what your mamma gave you. Curls, ringlets, straight and sleek or waves for days, rock the locks you’ve been blessed with. It’s called El Natrual. With a little assistance from our go-to products and an Oscar Oscar style that compliments your hair’s natural texture, you’ll be appreciating what you’ve got in no time.

It’s all about getting the perfect cut and using those raw textures to your advantage. You’ve got this girl.

El Natural


curls for the girls

curly hair


Curly hair looks ah – mazing short, you can create that wild child look with messy curls and bangs or really stand out in the crowd with an afro and funky fringe. Spice it up with an A-line bob for more volume or if you’ve got longer hair, keep that movement with long layers throughout and even shorter layers on top. Whether it’s soft whimsical styling or chunky ringlets, we’re crazy for curls.



kerastase mousse curl to enhance el natural


love what your mamma gave you




straight down the line

straight down the line


Raise your hand if you have straight hair? You’re blessed. This hair type is easy to maintain and you can pretty much rep any style you like. Blunt bobs are on trend right now, all one length and with super clean lines. If you’re wanting the illusion of thicker hair go for a slightly elongated bob. Lovely and long should ask for barely there layers as nothing compares to long luscious hair, so smooth that light reflects off it.



Aveda smooth infusion


born beautiful and bold




wavy hair


Waves all day baby! Why would you change a thing about this texture, you are naturally blessed with the ‘Victoria Secret’ vibe…girl you’re crazy if you don’t embrace it. Be sure to use a wide tooth comb when brushing those waves to avoid any frizz and stick to long soft layers to reduce any heaviness. Short hair you ask? Perhaps ask your stylist for feathery layers and go ham on the salt spray to capture that messy bed head look.




Oribe Beach Wave Spray




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