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We know you want gorgeous, healthy, celebrity-level hair and we know how you can get it!

YES. We’re serious, you don’t have to be a celebrity to achieve a picture-perfect mane. So, we’re here to spill the secrets on how these beauty icons keep their hair looking fabulous and how you can achieve that look.

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Our celebrity icons are at the front of the pack when it comes to hair trends. How often have you gone into the hair salon with a curated album of Halle Berry on the red carpet and said “I want this”. Although our stylists can’t transform you into Halle Berry, they can give you red-carpet-esque hair! Even better, they will give you a bespoke experience in creating a hair look that suits YOU.

So, how do you ask for your fave celeb hair when you go to the salon?

How to get beachy blonde hair

An Aussie clich√© that we’re all over. Sun-kissed, long, blonde, healthy hair is portrayed as a natural asset by so many Aussie beauty icons, but we know that it takes just a little bit of hairstyling magic to pull it off! (Which means that you don’t have to be blessed with natural highlights and mermaid-length hair to achieve this look!)

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What are our fave bombshell’s secrets to success?

An expert blonde hair stylist and hair extensions (heaps of them)!

Obtaining that low-maintenance, straight from holiday hair colour, is all about finding that balayage expert hairstylist who will give you easy-to-wear seamless highlights. Conveniently, all of our salons are home to blonde + balayage specialists!

What to ask for at the salon for beach blonde hair:

Ask for low-maintenance hair colour. Most likely, you’re seeking a seamless balayage that is tailored to your tone of blonde. This makes it easier to wear and grow out between appointments as well as incorporate your natural hair colour and adding dimension. Ask for a style cut and face frames. Getting face frames elevates your look by giving you more shape and brightening up the face area. Make sure you maintain your hair colour by booking regular hair appointments!

How extensions benefit your hair

Extensions not only add length, they are also super beneficial for volume and body. If you struggle with hair loss, flatness, and dull fine hair, high-quality extensions are what you want! We know for a fact that most celebrities, including our lovely Aussie icons Elle Macpherson & Elle Furguson, use a ton of hair extensions to get that long, full head of hair!

Our favourite hair extensions are Amazing Hair extensions. Amazing Hair Australia has the most natural-looking but game-changing extensions. Providing volume, shape, and length if you want it. They are also so easy to style!

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Most celebs can be camera-ready at the drop of a hat. This has everything to do with *self-care*. When you’re looking to have celeb-worthy locks, it’s important to maintain healthy hair above all! Healthy hair = long-lasting youthful hair!


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How to get healthy hair

Give your hair as much TLC as you would give your skin! Hair can always benefit from two things: hydration and protein! Keep your hair strong and moisturised for the best long-term results.

A customised hair care regime is always a great idea. If you don’t know what your hair needs, consult a hairstylist! Our stylists at Oscar Oscar Salons will be able to assess your hair type and your hair goals to curate a tailored hair care routine for your beautiful locks!

Best products for healthy hair

The new Genesis range from Kérastase is all about strengthening your hair and avoiding dreadful hair loss. These products are a must-have for maintaining strong, thick hair.genesis range

WILDE by Oscar hair treatments aims to feed your hair ultimate hydration and protein to rejuvenate your hair and keep it super soft, smooth, shiny, and healthy on a regular basis.

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You’ve got the knowledge, now it’s time to make your hair goals a reality! Head into your nearest Oscar Oscar Salon to begin your hair journey for glamourous, healthy hair for life.

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