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“As the go-to brand for Australia’s top celebrities and social influencers, our Amazing Hair extensions offer you the ability to achieve the hair you have always dreamed of. Whether you desire beautifully long, thick hair or on-trend fashion colours, our extensions help create a gorgeous result that looks completely natural.”

– Ariana Mantzaris, Founder of Amazing Hair



Our experts give you the inside scoop on all the frequently asked questions and suggestions relating to our premium Amazing Hair extension service.



Oscar Oscar Hair Extensions FAQ


How long does my own hair need to be? 

We would require the hair to be at least 4 inches (10cm) long.


How long do they last for?

The hair extensions are suitable for use for up to 12 months. It is advised to use the specially formulated Amazing Hair Extension Care range to help maintain the hair, helping them shine and feel secure. The maintenance for the hair extensions varies between 5-7 weeks for retaping/refitting. Retaping/refitting the hair extensions requires removal, clean and retape to apply to where it was (Moving up the hair extension as the hair grows).


Which extension method should I choose?

Your hair type and condition are considered when our experts advise the best extensions method for your needs.

From the Amazing Hair Ultra Luxury Collection: INTEGRA Tape Extensions offer superlative hair quality & design – for clients who demand the very best. Being our most advanced, top-of-the range tape extension, INTEGRA is created using cutting edge skin-weft technology designed to mimic the way in which hair grows naturally from the scalp.

Slim Line Weft –  is a revolutionary human hair weft designed with the thinnest base ever seen in a weft extension.

These are just a few methods, that is why it is important to have a chat with our extension experts upon your complimentary consultation as other Amazing Hair extension methods may be advised for you.


Will Amazing Hair extensions match my own hair colour? 

We personalise and colour match your hair to the extensions.


Will my hair look natural?

Our experts undergo extensive training and use leading techniques to achieve a natural and polished look.


Will Amazing Hair extensions hurt?

No, they do not hurt. Our leading techniques and precision placement ensure that there is no discomfort.


Can I get my hair coloured/highlighted while I have extensions in?

No, but you can still have your hair coloured professionally BEFORE your extensions are put in or prior to having your extensions re-taped. We can-not perform a professional colour service when the extensions are in the hair as this will impact the tape extensions effectiveness.


Will extensions damage my hair?

When applied correctly and correct maintenance and care are followed, you are unlikely to experience damage to the natural hair. Our team are highly trained in leading techniques.


Can I use a hairdryer, curling iron and other styling equipment?

Because Amazing Hair is made from 100% human hair you can use heat tools as you normally would. However, we do advise keeping straightening or curling to once a week to protect the quality and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.  Please ensure you avoid heat tools on the tape area of your Tape Extensions.


How much does it cost to get Amazing Hair extensions at Oscar Oscar? 

We offer an in salon one-on-one complimentary consultation with one of our extension experts to discuss what you want to achieve, assess your current hair condition, understand your lifestyle and advise on what the process will be. On completion, we will provide you with a complete quote. Book online for your complimentary Amazing Hair consultation. Please allow 1 – 2 business days if the specific hair extensions are not in stock.


Where does the hair come from?

Amazing Hair is a high-quality European blend.


When we suggest Amazing Hair extensions to our guests:

– For those wanting instant thick, luscious, long, glossy and beautiful hair. The ultimate dream hair.

– For adventurous cuts and styles without taking the big chop or having to wait for the hair to grow in certain areas.

– Full lobs are super-hot right now! We use Amazing Hair extensions to fill shorter styles and create a solid lob.

Add instant thickness to the bottom of a lob style.

– For those wanting to try a more creative colour or for when the hair is not suitable for colouring, we can use hair extensions to experiment with the hair without comprising the current hair, such as an instant balayage or blend of bright colour.

– For that extra wow factor for special events such as weddings, events and fashion features.


We believe to invest in your hair as you wear it every day. Which is why we always recommend you visit us for a complete and personalised complimentary consultation.


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