What’s a season change without a colour refresh? Autumn hair trends are so much more than just transitioning from light to dark, but the time to revel in seasonal colours. Here are our favourite, upcoming trends for the new season.

Autumn Hair Trends





Move over “bronde,” “ronze” is the edgy new shade on the block. Following on from the bronde trend, made famous by celebrities like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez, “ronze” is a mixture of luxurious copper reds and gorgeous bronze browns, which add amazing texture and shimmer to hair. Think warm tones: buttery and coral blondes, creamy chestnuts, rich reds and coppers. Those going ronze should also invest in colour preserving products, like Aveda’s Colour Conserve which maintains hair tone and gives a high-gloss finish.



Hair accessories have stolen the limelight in various fashion shows this season, so we’ll be seeing a major accessory revival through the coming months with headbands, decorative hair pins and barrettes all making the trend list. In saying this, make sure to keep it simple, and always aim to complement your wardrobe rather than compete with it.




Tired of ombre? Upgrade your colour to a new blend dubbed ‘tortoiseshell.’ A blend of chocolate and honey tones are applied through the hair like balayage, in a freehand technique for a softer, blended finish that’s popular among celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, and Sofia Vergara. This is the perfect option for brunettes wanting a rich, on-trend colour with plenty of dimension.




The 90’s beauty resurgence is back, and the bob and lob are here to stay. Take cues from celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, and opt for a versatile, shorter look that requires minimal effort, yet looks sleek, sexy and stylish. Tailor this look to suit you by working with an expert stylist to develop the best shape for your face.



Strobing is no longer just a word that’s associated with the make up world, it’s just like contouring, but for your hair. Hair strobing as a colouring technique is created by using dark and light colours, applied side by side, making hair appear full and multi-dimensional. This is an amazing way for those with thinner hair to create the illusion of density.



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