Australian Beauty & Hair Icons

Australian Beauty and Hair Icons

We are proudly Australian, as we Aussie’s have produced some of the worlds top fashion and beauty icons. The raw and natural beauty of the women down under radiates across the globe and is envied all over the world.  What can we say, we know how to look effortlessly glam. We’ve put together the top 4 women in Australian beauty and fashion – obvs we will specifically talk on the hair.

Elle Ferguson – those signature waves, the Elle look. She’s the darling of Sydney and the OG of fashion blogging. Elle has got the perfect blonde balayage and that lived-in look down pat. Without a doubt, you’ll find her hair finished in loose bed head curls. What’s the secret weapon to Elle’s bombshell look? She sprays her hair with dry shampoo before bed which gives it volume and texture before she tongs it in the morning with the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand. Being blonde means Elle is prone to dryness, so every now and then, she will not wash it for a week to let the natural oils repair any damage.


Elle Ferguson


Isla Fisher – the fiery redhead has us lusting after this striking colour! Fiery in colour but not in nature, Isla’s innocent and girl next door demeanour just makes her even more loveable, beautiful but probably doesn’t know it and that’s appealing. Redheaded characters of her childhood inspire Isla to rock the red and this quote inspires her “You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair. People who haven’t had red hair don’t know what trouble is.” Isla does not colour her hair! Rarely she may use a gloss to get that shine or dye individual grey strands.



Lara Bingle – famously known for being married to fellow Aussie and actor Sam Worthington, Mrs Worthington has been donning a cute blonde bob for many years now. It’s chic and stylish, low maintenance with her naturally straight hair, and a style that will never go out of fashion. This look definitely inspires us to take the chop! “I wouldn’t go back to long hair again!” states Lara, the short do is here to stay and we love it. Bingle prefers to let her hair air dry and is very low key with styling! “Probably my hair is the least [high] maintenance thing. I get a colour, which I just did this morning and I haven’t had one for a year,” she says.


Lara Bingle


Jesinta Franklin – awarded Miss Universe Australia in 2010, Jesinta Franklin has changed her hair more than we’ve changed our underwear, the girl loves a changeup. Her most drastic change was from her signature brunette mid length style to a bold blonde bob and then eventually into a pixie cut. Although Jesinta says she misses being able to tie her hair back, she does say that the new style makes her life so much easier. “It’s so easy. I think I might grow it out a tiny bit, because it’s very short at the moment, just for something different. But, I really love it.”


Jesinta Franklin


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