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How many times have you gone for the chop and within a few weeks wished you had Rapunzel length hair again? Or have been extremely naughty and not taken care of your locks after going lighter. Only to experience the chemical hair cut? Well, we are here to save your soul. Dramatic but such a vibe when it comes to your hair. The Victoria Secret look is loved all around the globe and is a trend that we can confidently say won’t EVER go away. It’s so dreamy that you have to experience it at least once in your life. Thanks to Amazing Hair Extensions, which we now stock in all 14 Oscar Oscar Salons, you too can get Amazing Hair with Laura Knowles and have this look and many more overnight. Voila!

Oscar Oscar babe, Laura Knowles, recently visited our Robina salon and had Master Stylist, Armela, transform her hair from shoulder length to lower back. The result was absolute blonde bombshell status! So if you want the Oscar Oscar look, drop into one of our salons and chat to a stylist today.

Amazing Hair with Laura Knowles







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