Va Va Volume with Amazing Hair Extensions

Have you gone to style your hair, only to be left wishing you had a bit more to work with? Perhaps you don’t need any more length, however still want to add some volume and thickness? The solution; add to your gorgeous locks with Amazing Hair Extensions.

Gone are the days of extensions being used purely for the dramatic effect of going from short to long. Because thick and thriving hair is the new wave and we’re here to fulfill your wishes. 

Oscar Oscar babe Carly Ellen recently visited our Pacific Fair salon for an Amazing Hair transformation!

Thanks to Style Director Ed, he took Carly’s gorgeous, but flat hair, to a full and voluptuous style to accentuate her gorgeous features. Resulting in nothing short of thick bombshell copper waves that had jaws to the floor! Thanks to Amazing Hair Extensions!

Stocked in all 14 Oscar Oscar Salons, you too can get thick and dreamy hair just like Carly Ellen in one appointment.

Voila! Therefore, if you are wanting to get the Oscar Oscar look, drop into one of our salons and enjoy a complimentary consultation with one of our talented stylists.

Amazing Hair with Carly Ellen









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