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Posted on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017


For all you sweethearts that love the spirit of Valentine's Day, an adorable flower crown is the perfect style for you. Drawing inspiration from modern-day flower child, Vanessa Hudgens, this look is sure to complement the most adorable of dates.


Step 1: For the half up flower crown, begin with damp hair and massage through a texturising mousse.

Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse - RRP:$49

Step 2: Next, depending on the thickness of your hair, split it into 4-6 sections and braid each one. Blow-dry these sections until dry, then undo for loose, beachy waves.

Step 3: Create a deep side part to one side. On the heavier side, divide the front section of your hair into three pieces, ready to braid.

Step 4: Begin your braid! If you can dutch braid, this will look best. If not, a french braid or normal braid will work as well.

Step 5: Once you reach the end of your hair, secure your braid with an elastic. Then use your fingers to gently loosen the braid for a fuller 'crown' look.

Step 6: Then wrap your braid around the back of your head as far as it will go and secure it with as many bobby pins as necessary.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 on the other side - note the second braid may overlap the first one. Once both braids are secure, cut the elastics with small scissors and tuck the ends of each braid underneath your braid crown, securing them with bobby pins.

Step 8: Pin any stray strands and secure your braids with a stronghold hairspray to ensure they last all day long. For a super-cute finish, pin in your favourite flower accessories and there you have it - the cutest V-Day look ever!

Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray - RRP: $52


Happy Valentines Day Lovers

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Posted on 8TH FEBRUARY 2017


Not sure what he's got planned this Valentine's Day? Be ready for anything with a simple side braid!

Whether you keep it sleek and tight, or experiment with a textured fishtail, you'll be ready for wherever the day may take you.


Step 1: Prep your hair with a volumising spray, like our favourite VIP Volume In Powder. Spray onto dry hair from 10cm away and tossle it through with your fingers.

Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder - RRP: $38

Step 2: Sweep your hair over to one side and split it into sections, ready for your braid. If you're familiar with a fishtail braid, part your hair ready for this style, if not, a regular braid will look just as good.

Step 3: Begin to braid the hair. Keep it super tight if you are wanting a sleeker look, or braid it loosely for a softer look. Once you've finished braiding to the ends of your hair, secure with a snag-free elastic.

If your hair isn't really thick, for a more nonchalant look, you can try securing your braid without a hair tie. Simply spray the end of your plait with a strong-hold hair spray and set with a straightening iron.

Step 4: Once your braid is secure, you may want to use your fingers to create more volume and texture by gently pulling pieces of the braid outwards.

Tip - only complete this step if your hair is secured with a tie.

Step 5: To finish, you may want to carefully pull a few loose pieces from around your face for a soft, romantic look. If you're wanting a more glamorous look, try curling these pieces away from your face. Don't forget to secure your look with a lightweight hair spray to ensure your look will hold from day to night.

Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Micro-Fine Finishing Spray - RRP: $45.00

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Posted on 7TH FEBRUARY 2017


If you're doing something adventurous, having dinner on the beach or planning on dancing the night away, you'll want to choose a style that isn't going anywhere. The face-framing pony is a gorgeous, yet practical style that'll look amazing no matter how much its shaken.


Step 1: Start with clean, dry hair. If you want a super sleek pony, begin by straightening your locks with your favourite flat iron.

GHD Platinum White Styler - RRP: $315

Step 2: Next, part your hair down the centre and spray your roots with a volumising spray for some extra lift. We love the Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder - as it gives hair a light backcombed effect with no trace of residue and a super long lasting hold!

Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder - RRP: $38

Step 3: Next if your pony is going to be sleek and straight, use a paddle brush to comb it back and secure it with a snag-free elastic. If you're wanting a textured look, simply comb you hair into a pony with your fingers and secure. Where you secure your pony is entirely up to you! Be playful and tie it high, casual and in the middle or elegant and keep it low.

Step 4: Gently loosen the hair around your face until the two front pieces fall to frame it. You may want to leave these straight, curl them away from your face or even crimp them for a soft, sexy look. Finish by securing your pony with a strong-hold hairspray

Aveda Air Control Hairspray - RRP: $39.95

You'll be sure to look gorgeous as ever with this versatile that'll last from day to night, no matter what the occasion!

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The Look of Love - An Elegant Evening

Posted on 6TH FEBRUARY 2017


If you've got a glamorous dinner date planned, look no further than the side chignon. French for 'nape of the neck', this style has graced the red carpet countless times and although it looks impressive it's deceivingly simple to achieve.


Step 1: Start with damp hair and apply 3 pumps of a finishing gloss. This will smoothen your hair, making it easier to brush through and style. Next, blow-dry your hair and choose between straight, curly or wavy locks to begin. This will suit any hair type so the choice is yours!

Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss - RRP:$54.95

Step 2: Once your hair is styled as you desire, part your hair to one side so it sweeps across your face. Then, if you want a smooth finish, use a paddle brush and comb your hair to the side that it is sweeping towards. Secure it in a ponytail at the nape of your neck with a snag-free elastic. If you want a textured chignon, simply use your fingers to comb it across.

GHD Paddle Brush - RRP $34

Step 3: Next, separate your ponytail into two sections, twist each portion and then tie them in a knot. If you have long hair, you may want to knot your hair twice. The finishing gloss will work wonders here, making it easier to part, twist and tie your hair without flyaways.

Step 4: Once your hair is knotted, take the ends of your hair and wrap them around the 'knot bun' that you have just created. Secure the ends with as many bobby pins as necessary. You may want to disperse the ends of your hair and pin them to create a fuller, more textured look.

Step 5: Lastly, secure or smoothen any unruly strands. You may want to loosely pull parts of your fringe out of the chignon to frame your face. Once your chignon is looking exactly how you'd like it, finish off with a strong-hold, lightweight hairspray to ensure that it stays beautiful all night long.

Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray - RRP: $52

With this elegant look, you're sure to wow your man this Valentine's Day! Not sure if you can nail this look yourself? Pop in salon and let us do the hard work for you :)

... Too formal for your V-Day plans? Stay tuned for tomorrow's love inspired style.

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The Look of Love - Picnic Perfect

Posted on 3RD FEBRUARY 2017

Whether you're hitting the town, heading out on a dinner-date or spending the day at the beach, we've got you covered. Keep an eye out for our Five Looks of Love tailored to suit your V-day plans.


Tousled hair isn't just meant for the beach - this effortless look can be extremely romantic! This style works best on naturally curly or wavy hair and is perfectly suited for a Valentine's Day picnic in the park.


Step 1: Begin with wet, clean hair, blow-drying it until it is mildly damp. Apply a volumising mousse onto the roots of your hair to give it that extra lift.

Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse - RRP: $49

Step 2: Add a texturising spray on the rest of your hair, down to its ends, before blow-drying it, tousling it with your fingers.

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray - RRP: $57

Step 3: Once your hair is dry, sweep to one side. To frame your face, you may want to use a large curling iron to add a wave that barrels away from your face. For added texture, you may also want to add a few loose curls here and there.

GHD Classic Curl Tong - RRP: $220

Step 4: To finish, tousle your hair with your fingers to your hearts content, then secure with a lightweight hairspray and viola!

Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Micro-Fine Finishing Spray - RRP: $45.00

Not only will you look incredible, your tresses will smell amazing! Perfect for those up close and personal encounters. Stay tuned for tomorrow's love inspired style, or visit us in salon and sit back and relax ❤️️

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Posted on 16TH JANUARY 2017

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Olivia Rink shares her tops on achieving the perfect shade of blonde...

Somewhere between too brassy and too ashy is that perfect golden shade all of us blondes dream of. Whether you're already blonde and looking to add some dimension, or you've recently decided to step over to the light side, achieving perfect blonde locks requires a pretty specific maintenance routine. I'm frequently asked about how I achieve & keep my hair color, so today I'm sharing all my tips!

1. FIRST and foremost, please go to a professional.

Someone's who's opinion you trust, has a good track record, and specializes in color. It usually takes a few appointments for them to correct any color damage from previous salon mistakes. Hiring someone good may mean you need to stretch your budget a bit, but believe me it's worth it. (PS, even if you're a brunette or redhead, most of these tips are universal and if one thing is important – it's protecting your investment and keeping your hair healthy and shiny in between salon visits!).

2. Stick to color-treated hair products.

Or you'll be washing money down the drain. A couple months ago I stopped by my favourite salon for a personalized Fusio-Dose treatment and haircare diagnosis. During the treatment my stylist analyzed my hair and noticed that I had damage due to coloring, so she prescribed the Kérastase Réflection Chroma Captive Collection. The Réflection Chroma Captive Collection is by Kérastase – a brand I love and have used for years. This is their most advanced line for color-treated hair to date. The collection is designed to: maintain and preserve color intensity of colored hair, nourish it and lock in moisture, provide shine and strengthen the hair fiber, give extra protection to hair color from UV rays, and leave hair feeling softer and healthier.

Protective shampoo: Réflection Bain Chroma Captive - RRP: $40

Shine intensifying conditioner: Fondant Chroma Captive - RRP:$46

Plus, the new fuchsia/pink packaging is my favorite color – so it looks beautiful in my shower and on my vanity😉. After using the Chroma line for 2 months, my hair is noticeably stronger, softer, healthier, and more vibrant.

3. Deep condition often.

Healthy hair is key to beautiful color. Lay off the heat tools, blow dry on a cooler setting and deep conditioner often. I deep condition my hair 2-3 times a week. Since my hair analysis appointment, I've been using this deep conditioning mask for color treated hair: Masque Chroma Captive. I leave this in while I'm in the shower for 10 minutes.

Deep conditioning mask for color treated hair: Masque Chroma Captive - RRP $60

4. Creating dimension is the most important part of highlighting.

If you're only using one color of blonde over your entire head, the color is going to look dull and flat. My stylist weaves my natural dirty blonde color in with a brighter blonde shade – specifically Scruples Blazings bleach with toner, SOFT GOLDEN (4 scoops, 20 volume). Adding highlights to your natural color and possibly some low lights will make your hair look thicker, shinier, and more natural. Also, the grow-out will be less dramatic and flow more naturally.

5. Factors to avoid that dull your blonde color:

The sun, product build-up, overuse of heat tools.

6. Color has so much to do with the way your hair shines.

Use a light shine spray to keep the color looking vibrant – and read this previous post for all of my shine tips.

7. ONLY apply bleach to the new growth at your roots, not the ends.

This is SO important. Because blonde hair requires frequent salon visits, you have to be careful about over highlighting your strands. MAKE SURE your colorist only applies dye/bleach to the new growth (!!). DO NOT coat the entire length of strands with bleach every time you get a touch-up or else the hair will become super light and damaged from over coloring.

8. Tone it up.

Ask your hairstylist to use a toning gloss to seal in the color and make it last longer. And PS – any good stylist would advise you not to shift your hair color more than one or two shades at a time!

9. Alternate your color-safe shampoo with a purple one.

If you notice your blonde going brassy, you should use a purple shampoo -intended for hair color correction. The lilac counteracts orange therefore acting as an effective toner. This will keep your hair from turning brassy. You should alternate this with your color-care shampoo and conditioner about twice a month – I'd recommend Shu Uemura's Color Lustre Cool Blonde!

Purple Shampoo: Shu Uemura Color Lustre Cool Blond - RRP $67

Cheers to blondes always having more fun 😉 xo

If you're looking for the perfect shade of blonde, come and visit us in salon for a personalised consultation on which of the Kerastase & Shu Uemura products will work best for you!

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The 5 Step Sleek Pony

Posted on 18TH NOVEMBER 2016

If you're looking for a simple hair-do that is perfect with corporate attire, pairs well with an evening gown or compliments your chic Saturday style, look no further than the polished pony. Expert stylist Hollie-Jay Smith from Oscar Oscar Toowoomba talks us through how to achieve a simple but oh-so sleek ponytail.

1. Starting with clean, towel dried hair, apply a heat protectant like our favourite Kérastase L'Incroyable to prevent damage from your thermal styling tools. Make sure to pay particular attention to the ends of your hair.

Image result for Kérastase L'Incroyable

2. Using a paddle brush, blow-dry your hair smooth. L'Incroyable's frizz control properties should make this easily achievable. Once your hair is silky smooth, use your GHD styler to make any necessary touch ups for a sleek finish.

3. If you have thick hair, divide it into two sections from ear to ear. Once the top section is secured, use your paddle brush to smoothen and tie the bottom section using a snag-free elastic.

Tie your pony just above eye level to create maximum face lift effect. Once this is secured, use your paddle brush to smoothen and tie in the top section of your hair with the lower section.

If you have thinner hair, try tying the bottom section slightly below the top section to create a fuller look or simply brush, smoothen and tie your hair as one section.

4. Once your pony is looking sleek, use a hair spray to secure any fly aways around the hair line. For extra hold, you may also want to spray the entire pony about 20cm away from the hair. Try to use a hairspray that doesn't leave a 'crispy' effect.

Image result for Shu Uemura's Sheer Lacquer

Shu Uemura's 'Sheer Lacquer' is our favourite as it gives a strong hold with a touchable finish, so you can easily brush through the pony after application.

5. To finish, grab a small piece of hair from the bottom of the pony and wrap it around the elastic, securing with a bobby pin underneath.

Viola! The perfect polished pony.

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Posted on 3RD JUNE 2016

REDKEN Hair Director Matthew Jones share's his tips to recreate the signature feminine knotted bun, as seen in the GROUP SWIM Show at MBFWA 2016.

The textured style was created with Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray and finished with Braid Aid 03 Hair Defining Cream.

“The knotted pony I created for the Group Swim Show was inspired by Amalfi’s easy glamour, and is geared to move effortlessly from the beach and into the night. POWDER GRIP 03 Mattifying Hair Powder created the lived-in, undone texture without weighing the hair down," explains Matt Jones, Artistic Director at Oscar Oscar Salons, Sydney.


1. Mist ROOTFUL 06 Root Lifting Spray into the roots and mid-lengths to create lift and texture.

2. Directionally blow-dry hair back off the face with a high heat setting until completely dry, to create texturised fullness.

3. Push the hair back off the face and secure into a low pony at the base of the neck.

4. Work BRAID AID 03 Defining Lotion through the pony and twist until tight. Twist hair up and over the pony in a clockwise direction and secure into a twist using bobby pins.

5. Sprinkle POWDER GRIP 03 Mattifying Hair Powder into the front section, spray lightly with FASHION WORK 12 Versatile working Hairspray and use your fingers to create a lived-in, disheveled mood.


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Commandments for Heavenly Winter Hair

Posted on 25TH MAY 2016

Contrary to popular belief, the winter months don’t have to wreak havoc on your healthy, glowing locks. Artistic Director from Oscar Oscar Salons Robina, Jess Longhurst, gives us the low down on the four 'hair commandments' you should abide by, to keep your tresses looking lustrous well after the winter chill sets in.

1. Thou Shalt Put Down the Hair Straightener

The mercury has dropped to the single digits, your hair is in a state of disarray and the only way to remedy the frizz situation is with that magical straightening wand, right? Wrong!

“Hot tools will make your hair look sleek in the short term, but in the long run you’re just drying your hair out more than it already is from the changing seasons. Try blow drying and straightening your hair and then vetoing the tong in favour of a little dry shampoo in between washes – you’ll end up with a tousled look that is effortlessly chic and still on trend,” says Jess.

2. Thou Shalt Use Heat Protection

If you do find yourself reaching for the straightening iron, make sure you’re using a heat protectant to stop your hair from getting fried and damaged from the heat.

“You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen to protect your skin, so you definitely shouldn’t iron your hair without a heat protectant – it acts as a barrier between the straightener and your hair, so it’s still getting styled without feeling the full effect of the heat,” says Jess.

“A quality heat styling protectant is Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray, which is a lightweight formula that protects and repairs the hair.”

3. Thou Shalt Treat Thyself

Treatments are your hair’s knight in shining armour during the cooler seasons. “Using an intensive hydrating treatment each week will bring even the most lackluster hair new life,” explains Jess.

“Whether you use an at-home product or visit a salon for a more intensive treatment, your hair will thank you for it.”

“My recommended product for injecting some moisture into all hair types is Redken Diamond Oil Mask. The added bonus is that hydrated hair doesn’t get as frizzy, so it’s a win-win.”

4. Thou Shalt Visit a Hairdresser

With extreme temperature changes in winter, hair is more prone to developing split ends, meaning long locks are bound to look a little less sleek and healthy.

“While there are many ways to try and lessen the look of split ends, once the hair is well and truly split the only real way to banish splits for good is to cut them off. This means regular trips to the salon – ideally every six to eight weeks for a small trim. And if you take this advice as gospel, your tresses are guaranteed to look a million times better once summer rolls around!”

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Posted on 23RD FEBRUARY 2016

It's a braid, but not as you know it! Follow Aveda Guest Artist, Jon Reyman's, easy step by step guide to re-create his NYFW Cobra braid.

Reflecting a Parisian elegance, the Autumn/Winter 2016 Leanne Marshall collection honed in on the strength and beauty of a worldly woman on a continuous quest for more knowledge. To complement the clothes, Aveda Guest Artist Jon Reyman created an intricately knotted braid based on the macramé cobra knot.

“By employing a traditional macramé stitch technique, we’ve created a beautifully strong style that speaks to the feminine aesthetic of the clothes, while conveying the message of vigor,” Reyman said.

Steps to the Look

Step 1: Prep hair by blow drying with Aveda Thickening Tonic (RRP $39.00).

Step 2: Create a center part and then divide hair into three sections. Secure the middle section into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Step 3: Taking the left section, make a loop and bring over the ponytail base and under the right section. While holding this formation in place, take the right section under pony base and through the loop on the left side. Tighten together to make a knot.

Step 4: Begin the above process again, but now starting with the right section; keep each knotted section taut as you continue this pattern until the right and left sections are at the ends. Tuck the ends under the pony base and secure with two pins.

Step 5: Set with Control Force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray (RRP $44.95)

For more Aveda hair care and styling advice, visit your local Oscar Oscar Salon, official stockist of Aveda haircare.

Images courtesy of Aveda #livingaveda

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Posted on 17TH FEBRUARY 2016

Why is it that our hair always feels lighter than air, soft and squeaky clean after a visit to the salon? Is it the product our stylist uses, or something to do with how our hair is washed?

We asked Jessica Longhurst, Salon Partner & Artistic Director at Oscar Oscar Robina, to share her fool-proof guide for the perfect home hair wash.

DETANGLE YOUR HAIR before getting in the shower. Tangled/knotted locks make it more difficult to massage your scalp and rinse out product. Try brushing with an Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush (RRP $49.95) prior to showering to get your tresses in order.

    2.Once in the shower, SATURATE YOUR HAIR from root to tip with warm water before applying any product. This will help open the hair cuticles, allowing your hair to absorb the nutrients in your shampoo and conditioner.

    3.DON’T USE TOO MUCH PRODUCT. For each shampoo, you only need around a 50 cent coin worth of product to thoroughly cleanse your hair. More product doesn't automatically equal a better result. If your lather is weak, add more water and keep working it.

    4. ALWAYS SHAMPOO TWICE. The first shampoo works to remove any oil and product build-up from the hair strand. Your second application provides an additional cleanse plus it allows the benefits of your chosen product to take effect (eg: add extra volume, shine or repairing proteins)

    5. OPT FOR GENTLE PRESSURE when massaging shampoo into your hair, particularly around the roots. Use the tips of your fingers, rather than your nails and don’t scrub too harshly as friction can permanently damage your hair’s cuticle, leading to unwanted breakage and frizz.

    6.CONCENTRATE ON YOUR SCALP. This is where natural oils are produced and therefore your scalp tends to require a little extra TLC. If you find your scalp tends to be oily, consider using a balancing shampoo such as Aveda Scalp Benefits (RRP $32) which helps remove excess sebum creating the ideal foundation for healthy hair.

    7.RINSE THOROUGHLY AFTER SHAMPOOING until your hair feels squeaky clean. Squeeze all excess water out of the hair before applying your conditioner or masque to allow for better absorptcion of product.

    8.CONDITION YOUR HAIR using a 50 cent coin worth of product. Only apply to your mid-lengths and ends (your ponytail area), avoiding the roots. Leave on for a few minutes to maximize results. Once a week, substitute your conditioner for a masque treatment such the Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque (RRP $55) for an extra boost of nourishment.

    9.RINSE WITH COOL WATER to help seal your cuticles. Ensure there is no product left in your hair and that the water is running clear into the drain. If you see suds, keep rinsing!

    10.Remember, DON’T OVER-WASH YOUR HAIR. Three or four times a week is sufficient for most hair types. Use a dry shampoo like the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo (RRP $30) to extend that clean sensation on non-wash days!

    For more helpful tips, visit your local Oscar Oscar Salon for a complimentary hair consultation and personalised hair care prescription.

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Posted on 4TH DECEMBER 2015

We love it when Hollywood A-listers turn heads for all the right reasons, rocking new cool platinum blonde shades and short, blunt-cut bobs for the holiday season. We’re currently coveting Nicole Richie’s new style, a seamless transition from the warm golden blonde of mid-2015.

“Nicole is right on trend with this new look, golden blonde to a flawless platinum and chic bob style-cut” says Oscar Cullinan, Owner and Director of Oscar Oscar Salons.

“The blunt bob is back on trend this summer as it is easily maintained and looks more high-end than its longer counterpart – the lob. Ideal for fine to medium hair lengths, this cut is quite versatile and can be styled to suit any occasion.”

“To achieve Nicole’s icy platinum, I would recommend doing a full head of fine micro-foils using the new Blonde Idol colour palette by Redken. This exciting addition to the Redken Colour range, enables us to produce brighter, cleaner blondes all in one sitting, and customize the perfect tone for every guest.”


  1. Just like with your makeup, it is important to prime your hair before styling. Apply a few sprays of Shu Uemura’s WONDER WORKER Blow Dry Perfector to towel dried hair to prepare your hair for heat styling.
  2. Work the product through with your fingers and comb into a side deep part using a tail comb.
  3. Blow-dry straight to create a sleek and smooth finish. Hot tip: Use a paddle brush to help stretch the root of your hair in any and every direction, creating lift and smoothing the hair follicle as you go.
  4. Nicole has a little texture in her hair, which can be added using Shu Uemura TEXTURE WAVE Dry Finishing Spray. This product leaves the hair with a soft, matte finish and offers buildable texture with a long-lasting flexible hold.
  5. Tuck one side behind the ear and apply a small amount of Shu Uemura TOUCH OF GLOSS Brilliant Styling Balm to combat fly-aways, leaving the hair with smooth with subtle shine.

Images by Getty.

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Posted on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2015

With warmer weather just around the corner you’ve probably started planning towards getting yourself fit and fabulous for that amazing bikini you’ve had your eye on. Your checklist probably includes updating your gym membership, reviewing green juice recipes, exfoliating like it’s nobody’s business and booking in for some spray tans. Before you launch into your new season health and fitness regime, consider also incorporating a summer hair boot camp!

Winter’s notorious for traumatizing our skin and hair, thanks to the drop in temperature, constant exposure to artificial indoor heat, hot showers and of course some daily abuse from our hair styling irons.

Being proactive about the health of your hair is easier than you think. We consulted Artistic & Technical Director, Jayne Pausina from Oscar Oscar Salons Carindale, for some personal training tips to whip your hair back into shape by summer!


Coming out of winter, a dry or flaky scalp can represent a PH imbalance or sensitivity to a shampoo you may be using. “I recommend using ‘The Gommage’, part of the Kerastase Chronologiste range, to balance your scalp pre-shampoo,” says Jayne. “It’s a micro-fine scrub that purifies and stimulates the scalp and hair fibre through gentle exfoliation, resulting in deep nourishment and radiant shine.”

Like any good workout, preparation is key. ”It’s imperative that you prepare your scalp and hair properly or you won’t get the results you’re after.


We’ve all heard about the importance of guzzling some H2O before our morning run, and just like our body, our hair can be susceptible to dehydration if it is not getting the proper nourishment it requires.

“Consider adding an intense hydrating masque and a good quality oil into your haircare routine. Both of these products will provide nutrition and moisture, whilst protecting your ends from drying out. The right oil makes your hair soft to the touch and provides UV protection, something we often forget about during winter.” Jayne’s go-to products for keeping hair hydrated and nourished are Kerastase’s Nutrive Masquintence and Elixir Ultimate Multi-Use Oil.


“The new season is the perfect time to consider a makeover or style update,” says Jayne. If you don’t know where to find inspiration, consulting an expert can help get you back on track with some original ideas, as well as get you excited for the new you!”

For those seeking a change, Jayne recommends some soft, natural micro-foils or a beautiful balayage to create that sun kissed look everyone is craving. Go bold, and lose that winter weight with a new style cut such as a classic textured bob, an airy fringe or some tapered layering.


Everyone experiences the occasional slump in motivation when beginning a new health or fitness regime, and it’s easy to fall back into the habit of neglecting our hair. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste!

“The key to perpetually glamorous hair is dedicating just a few minutes to it a day”. Invest in a regular gloss, blow-wave and treatment in salon, to also ensure your hair stays fresh and fabulous all summer long.

Are you thinking of kick starting your summer makeover? Book an appointment now at your nearest Oscar Oscar Salon location.

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Second Day Hair Survival Guide

Posted on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2015

You left the salon rocking a fabulous blow-wave, but now it's day two and your facing a disheveled hair dilemma! Before you reach for the dry-shampoo or heat-styler, take a deep breath because we've got you covered!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to prolong your salon blow-wave for as long as possible. We had a chat with two of our expert stylists, Emma and Sarah from Oscar Oscar Garden City, regarding their go-to styles for second day hair.

The Textured Ponytail

Sweeping your hair back the day after a beautiful blow-wave can help maintain the overall look,all the while keeping those pesky fly-aways under control.

  1. The key to this look is lots of volume, so begin by teasing the roots with a Shu Uemura Volume Maker Brush. This will amplify the hairline whilst preserving the natural texture of your hair.
  2. Gently brush out last night’s curls and smooth into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair-band and bobby pins where needed.
  3. Apply a few sprays of Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric throughout the ponytail and work it through with fingertips. Liquid Fabric works similarly to a sea-salt spray, adding workable texture, and giving the appearance of a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.

The Twist Braid

The twist braid is the perfect look for those prone to an oily scalp, as it helps refresh your style from the day before, whilst drawing the attention away from a rebellious fringe or part-line.

  1. Prepare your hair with Shu Uemura Texture Wave, applying directly to the root and brushing any excess through to the ends. Texture Wave has a light powder formula, which helps to mask the look of unwashed hair.
  2. Part your hair to one side, then take a small section of hair from the front and twist back towards your ear.
  3. Repeat the last step, adding more small sections as you make your way across the hairline. Once finished, secure the end of your twisted braid with a bobby pin.
  4. Finish by applying a few pumps of Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Oil, to smooth and add shine to your mid-lengths and ends.

For more ideas on how to extend your style, head into your nearest Oscar Oscar Salon and book a styling consultation as a part of your next appointment!

All images courtesy of Instagram.

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Posted on 4TH MARCH 2015

Recently our Gold Coast Salon Partner and Master Hair Stylist, Jessica Longhurst, teamed up with Robina Town Centre for a photo shoot showcasing the bohemian luxe trend for 2015.

“The aim in this shoot was to create a luxury version of the traditional beach wave. As you can see in the pictures, the bohemian luxe hairstyle is a staple for almost every outfit and a style that works for all occasions - both casual and classy,” explains Jess.


    - Prep the hair with Kerastase Spray A’porter from root to tip and blow-dry in. This product gives the hair a salty feel while also helping to protect against heat styling. A great foundation to any beach styling.

    - Use the ghd Classic Wave Wand in the new Curve Collection. Starting at the nape of the neck, wind up the hair, working your way through the hair in larger sections, all the while directing the hair away from the face.

    - Once all of the curls are in place, soften each curl by brushing through with an oval dressing brush from ghd. Make sure to spray each section with the Kerastase V.I.P (volume in powder) spray to create a light floaty finish achieving the bohemian luxe wave.

    Hippy Luxe

    "I'm so excited to see that BOHO is back! This is the ideal style to complement the luxe waves, as they exude hippy vibes!"

    Styling: Camilla (dress and vest)

    Literal Print

“Here we have a classic case of city chic meets high-end street style. Edgy but sophisticated. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this in 2015.”

Styling: Shieke (dress), Wittner (shoes)

White Out

“The combination of the model’s luxurious bohemian waves falling upon crisp whites just screams Hamptons! This is some serious glam styling!”
Styling: Seed (dress), Mimco (jewellery)

Daytime Gilt

“With the model’s luscious locks thrown around one shoulder, her look is instantly more refined. A bold statement like this is sometimes all you need to upgrade your look from cute to classy.”

Styling: French Connection (shirt), Carla Zampatti (skirt), Seed (shoes)

'Athleisure' Trend

“Another major trend edging its way into mainstream fashion is the sports luxe look. The look is achieved here through the model’s thick wavy ‘carefree’ do complemented by her sporty attire.”

Styling: Seafolly (shirt), Cotton On (pants), Nike (hat, shoes and bag), Mimco (headphones)

Credits: Model - Miranda Aston (QUE Models)

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Posted on 16TH APRIL 2014

Our Sydney stylist, Paloma Rose Garcia was selected as a Redken Hair Director for the recent MBFWA Swarovski show, which featured beautiful cascading waves and luscious volume using our favourite Redken products!

"There is a very natural finish in the hair, not too shiny, not too matt, just natural. The hair is blowdried then tonged for a natural tousled look. Waves have a beachy finish with soft shape," explains Paloma.


- Apply Redken Rootful from roots to ends and blowdry the hair with round ceramic brushes to create smooth, soft texture.

- Spray the hair with Redken Fashion Works 12 before tonging. Using a large tong, take 1.5inch long vertical sections around the face and tong back off the face, leaving out the ends for a natural finish.

- Tong the rest of the hair in alternating directions for an unpolished wave.

- Once hair is completely tonged rake the hair with your fingers for a beach-vibe finish.

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