Redken landing

Brand History

Beginning in 1960, Redken revolutionized the professional salon business by introducing the concept of protein reconditioning. Based on evidence that hair is composed primarily of proteins, and can absorb topically applied proteins, Redken developed new protein based products. Salons were suddenly able to condition hair internally and for the long-term rather than solely camouflage damage.

Now you can get the look you want with Redken Colour at Oscar Oscar Salons. Redken offers a range of products to deliver vibrant, shiny results. Your stylist will examine the condition of your hair and create a custom formulation using the Redken product that is appropriate for you.

Oscar Oscar Salons also offers the premium Redken Chromatics colour collection, which fortifies hair with protein extracts to create stronger hair, plus Redken Chromatics is ammonia free and capable of 100% grey coverage.