Brand History

For over 50 years, women and hairdressers from around the world have loved Kérastase Paris.

Kérastase Paris was developed to meet the needs of women who want to feel good about themselves in both their mind and their body, down to the very tips of their hair. With Kérastase Paris, women are at the very center of every haircare ritual. Combining the finest technology with the brands unique haircare artistry and preformed by top-level professionals, the Kérastase Paris ritual is a comprehensive luxurious care experience. Tailored to bring out both the inner and outer beauty, it is a ritual designed to care for the beauty of the scalp and the hair.

Kérastase Paris is constantly innovating thanks to the brands science-based approach to the hair and scalp. At Kérastase Paris the belief is that caring for the beauty of the scalp and the hair is just as important as caring for the beauty of the skin. Always striving to be one-step ahead, Kérastase is currently conducting continuous, high-level research to achieve the new frontier of beautiful hair.